California COVID-19 Closures Affect Some Contra Costa Businesses

Contra Costa Health Services Press Release


Due to a sharp rise in COVID-19 activity, California Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the temporary closure of several types of indoor businesses and activities.

Effective immediately, all counties must close dine-in restaurants, bars, wineries and tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers such as bowling alleys and arcades, zoos and museums, and cardrooms.

None of these types of businesses had previously reopened under Contra Costa County’s social distancing ordinance and must remain closed under the state order.

Breweries, brewpubs and pubs must “close all operations indoor and outdoor statewide,” according to the state’s COVID-19 web page.

Additionally, Gov. Newsom required counties that have remained on the California Department of Public Health’s county monitoring list for three or more consecutive days to close additional businesses and activities, effective immediately.

Contra Costa does meet the criteria, so this part of the governor’s order does apply to the county. Some businesses and activities that had previously been permitted in the county are affected:

  • Offices for “non-essential” business sectors, as determined by the state – visit for more information when it becomes available.
  • Hair salons and barber shops
  • Indoor malls

All of these businesses and activities are required by the state to close today unless their operation can be modified to be outside or by pickup.

Other businesses and activities required by the state to close in watch-list counties include indoor worship services and indoor protests, which Contra Costa also suspended with its own local order effective today.

Fitness centers and personal care services, such as nail salons and tattoo parlors, were also named in the state order but had not previously reopened in the county.

For more information about today’s order from California, visit

Contra Costa Health Services urges everyone to continue taking simple steps to protect themselves from COVID-19: Follow the social distancing order, and wear a face covering when you leave home or when you are near other people. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and always stay home from work or school if you are not feeling well.

Visit for local information about Contra Costa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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    -where the Government derives it’s power.

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    • Don’t give a damn whether you ” consent”. Just f’ing do it! Also don’t care if you get the virus. Your selfishness is astounding

      Stupidity should have consequences

      • “It is easier to deceive someone, than convince them they have been deceived”

        -I have never worn one, and never will.

        Keep drinking the cool aid sweet heart.

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  2. Everyone wants to complain about masks and shut downs because of the virus, but nobody wants to complain about the extended unemployment and stimulus checks. All people have to do is wear a mask, not touch everything, and distance. Nobody wants to because they think it is against their rights. Well guess what folks, fuck your rights. I wore a mask in 120 degree weather day in and day out fighting a fake ass war. I had to have at least a neck gator around my face 24/7.

    • Thank You for your service Sir,

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      Have a good day.

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