Byron Highway: Vehicle Strikes Pole, Two Airlifted to Hospitals


At 8:43 pm Monday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was dispatched to the area of Byron Highway at Herdlyn Road after a solo vehicle crash had multiple people trapped in the Town of Byron.

According to CHP, at least three people were trapped. The District requested two medical helicopters to the scene

AMR was on scene reporting two patients were needing “severe extrication”.

By 9:15 pm, extrication was complete. Two people were transported by medical helicopter.

Check back for update.


Detail Information
8:45 PM5[12] LINE 6 TRANS 1141
8:44 PM4[8] 1039 1141
8:42 PM2[3] [Appended, 20:42:59] [2] SIL HOND ACC SD VS POLE
8:42 PM1[2] [Appended, 20:42:59] [1] VEH VS POLE



    • Your an idiot for saying this I was there called 911 and assisted the poor kids I hope they are ok and make a speedy recovery I haven’t stoped thinking about them if any one has info please let me know how they are doing

      • Because almost every accident on Byron Highway is the result of careless stupidity. Speeding. Not paying attention. The road is not dangerous if you’re at all competent. Now, go pray for them. I hope they survive, and hope everyone learns a lesson

      • Luis I was their to , I was the one trying too open her air Way from choking on her own blood, that was the most horrific accident I ever seen, all we could do was pray until first responders arrived . the young man and I just tried to keep her warm hold her head upThey where just young adults beginning life. My heart was Truly broken, I have not stop thinking or praying for her. Do to privacy laws hospital would not give any info. I believe her name was Alea. Any with info please let me know, thank you

        • Yes Johnny I remember you brother i talked to the young mans that I was tending to cousin he updated me a bit email me direct I still have not heard anything about the young lady I as well can’t get them out of my head I have a 16 year old and all I could think about was him em will me pls [email protected]

      • Hey how were they? One of them is my good friend do u know who was driving? Pleasd any info could help

  1. really? do you even know these people? that’s my fucking family there and you wanna say “stupid strikes again!” what if that was your family huh? wouldn’t be saying that now would you

    • Hello Emily my name is Luis Tamayo I was there yesterday I helped and prayed for them till help arrived I would like to know how they are doing I know the driver was ok just in shock the young man in front I helped with an oxygen mask and helped comfort them I pray they will be ok my email is [email protected] if you would like to update me I can’t stop thiabout them

    • What exactly happened? It would be interesting to know how this occurred, was it a simple mistake?

    • you guys wanna say all this shit but you don’t know these people. what if that was your family laying in a hospital huh? and someone’s commenting “stupid strikes again” or “lol play stupid games win stupid prizes” how are you gonna feel? put yourself in our shoes and do something better with your fucking life then stupid shit like this. grow up

      • Praise God Emily I found you my name is Johnny I was there help the young girl, I have now words to describe my sorrow for you and her family . If it’s ok I would like to know how she is doing . I have not stopped praying for her.

  2. Judge mental Fucks. These are someone’s family. Accidents are called accidents for a reason. Unless you were there keep your rude ass comments to yourselves and pray for those involved. I pray you’re never in this situation so Ignorant people can talk shit about you too. Have some compassion for the families you ass hat.

  3. Hi Emily my name is Johnny I was there at the scene helping the young lady I would really like to get in contact with you to see how she’s doing I believe her name is Aaliyah from what the young man told me please send me an email thank you so much

  4. To all those wondering, Aaliyah is doing okay. She’s been in and out of surgeries. Currently placed into a medically induced coma, but she’s showing positive results. We are all hoping for a fully recovery. Please do keep her in your thoughts and prayers. If you have any questions, do feel free to email me at: [email protected]

    And to everyone saying “stupid strikes again” I hope you know she was a passenger in the vehicle, and even if they were being stupid, no one deserves that. No one deserves that type of worry over their child, Over their friend. Even if they were being stupid. This isn’t something that should happen to anyone. Stop being an inconsiderate asshole. You don’t know what happened, keep your nose out of someone else’s business. And kindly stop being an asshole. Have a problem? My email is above.

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