Burglaries Prompt Brentwood Police to Issue Warning


Brentwood PD

With a string of burglaries in the Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge neighborhoods of Brentwood recently, the police department put out a community advisory heading into the holiday season.

There have been six burglaries since late November where homes have been targeted. More troubling, several firearms have been stolen in the burglaries. A common theme with the recent activity is the burglaries appear to have taken place in the late afternoon and very near golf courses.

Eric Huesman, President of the Brentwood Police Officers Association stated that the ultimate goal is to reduce crime and they need the public’s help to stay alert and be sure to report suspicious activity.

“I want to remind everyone that the last time we had this problem, it was solved through the diligence of the citizens living in the area, and their collaboration with the police. Please continue to be vigilant, and if something doesn’t look right or feel right, then get as good a description as possible and notify the police. Remember, we need specifics like clothing description, license plates, and direction of travel,” said Huesman.

If you recall, back in June, Brentwood arrested four people in connection with a string of home burglaries in both Brentwood and Oakley. After a traffic stop, they arrested Pierce Kendall Moore, 22; Calvin James, 18; and two male juveniles, ages 16 and 17, whose names are being withheld due to age. All four suspects were residents of Antioch.

Here was the advisory issued with tips to better protect your home.

The Brentwood Police Department has noticed an increase in residential burglaries in various parts of the city, which is not uncommon during the holiday season. Suspects have primarily entered side doors, rear sliders and in some cases through side windows. These burglaries have generally occurred during morning and afternoon hours. The Brentwood Police Department is committed to deploying its resources to those areas experiencing an increased number of burglaries. We encourage the community to be vigilant on calling in suspicious activity. The burglars we have captured in the past are generally a direct result of community members calling and reporting suspicious activity that they feel is suspicious in nature.

The Brentwood Police Department is continuing to make burglary prevention and burglar apprehension among its top priorities, and one of the most effective ways is through community outreach.

Please remain vigilant and consider the following suggestions in protecting your home, person, family, and personal belongings.

• Lock all doors and windows before leaving your home.
• If you have an alarm system, please use it religiously even if you’re leaving for a short period of time.
• Make your home look occupied when you are away; put  interior lights on timers.
• Keep your garage door closed and locked and use the interior hard lock when gone for extended periods.
• Don’t allow daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers build up while you are away. Arrange with the Post Office/UPS/FedEx, etc. to hold your mail, or arrange for a  friend or trusted neighbor to remove these items regularly.
• Keep valuables out of plain view.
• Keep your side gate locked at all times.
• Keep your trash cans behind the fence.
• Consider installing exterior motion lights and a surveillance system capable of recording.
• Change your daily pattern, i.e. if you normally park in your driveway consider parking on the street or in your garage.
• If you hear a knock at your door, look to see who it is and get a good description. If choose not to answer, let them know you are home by politely encouraging he or she to go away – also look for a vehicle he or she may be associated with and get a description and license plate number if possible.

If your home is broken into or you find an unexpected open/broken window or door:

• Do not enter – the perpetrator may still be inside.
• Use a neighbor’s phone or cellular phone to call the police.
• Do not touch anything or clean up until law enforcement have inspected for evidence.
• Write down the license plate numbers of any suspicious vehicles in the area.
• Note the description of any suspicious persons.

The Brentwood Police Department wishes members of our community and visitors a safe holiday season. Anyone needing to report suspicious activity should do so by calling the Brentwood Police Department at 925-778-2441, 24 hours a day.


  1. Thank you ECT for raising awareness. Several folks in my neighborhood have hit with burglaries and we want these people caught. Please call the police if you see anyone who may be suspicious.

  2. That really makes no f_ckin’ sense to me that the law protects the criminals more than the victims.Why do the animal’s names/ faces have to be withheld bcuz of their age? I feel if they’re stupid enough to commit a damn crime like this, why should their identity be hidden n not publicized for us n the whole damn world to see? That way, when they’re released back into society by our broken system, we will knw how they look n who the pigs are. I’m sorry, but anyone at the age of even 10 knws the difference between right n wrong n nd to pay for their crimes. This is exactly the reason why our crime rates are so sky high, bcuz these pigs knw they will be able to get away w/ it. Broken a_s system….. Smh..

  3. One of the burglars mentioned in the article, Pierce Kendall Moore, is the son of former Antioch Council Member, Reggie Moore.

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