Brentwood: Vegetation Fire Breaks Out at Homeless Encampment

Photo by Michael Blunt

At 2:50 pm Friday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire in the area of Highway 4 near Sand Creek in the City of Brentwood. It was reported that both vegetation and trees were on fire.

A few minutes later, a Pittsburg police motorcycle officer arrived on scene stating there was a homeless encampment with propane tanks exploding.

By 2:58 pm, Battalion 5 confirmed the fire was in creek bed with explosions of some type. The fire was reportedly contained to the creek area.

By 3:12 pm, the fire was reported as contained by Battalion 5.


  1. This is interesting, not because of the fire, but several months ago the Brentwood City Manager made comments that there were not enough homeless people in Brentwood for them to be concerned. I think it had something to do with Brentwood joining an east county task force to deal with the homeless. Well now, here you go Mr. City Manager.

    • Vince, every time we go by that are there is a huge homeless encampment you can see from the freeway. Yes, Brentwood had blinders on for sure.

  2. They’re going to f***ing burn down our city! These people should be put on buses and transported back to the states they were sent here from. ONE WAY TICKET on Greyhound! Enough of this crap already!

    • I agree 100%! This just cannot go on and should have been implemented years ago! These people are destructive. With the anticipation of much hotter and drier summer temperatures, it will get even worse unless immediate action is taken!

  3. Thanks Vince for the info.
    And we now have a City Manager and Assistant City Manager, each making $250,000 and $202,000 respectively!
    Manage your city!

  4. ECCFPD IS STILL UNDERSTAFFED AND UNDER FUNDED!!! But Brentwood has a assistant city manager. Do me a favor and call him when you have a emergency.

    Initiatives plan offers increased
    public safety services funding

    By Bryan Scott

    On March 13 of this year the Board of Directors of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) authorized Chief Brian Helmick to spend $163,000 on Public Education and Outreach Consulting Services.

    During the agenda item’s discussion it was made clear that the goal of this expenditure would be to use modern public opinion polling techniques to determine how ECCFPD could persuasively communicate with the public those issues surrounding a potential parcel tax.

    Accomplished correctly, the polling would tell the district how to package and present the parcel tax so that it would receive 67% or greater support at the ballot box, if at all possible.

    The polling, underway in early June, uses a telephone interviewer to call residents of the ECCFPD service area and present numerous scenarios, all of which include a new tax. At many points during the conversation the question “Would you support a tax?” is posed.

    The opinion polling focuses on the parcel tax, with no mention of any alternative funding strategies, because the district has few options open to them. In California, fire district revenues come primarily from property taxes, and the distribution of property taxes is principally controlled by the state legislature.

    Eastern Contra Costa County, including the cities of Brentwood and Oakley, is suffering from an annual $13 million public safety services deficit. The situation is well documented, and has been called “a public safety emergency” by a state-level politician.

    This services deficit is the result of the inaction of Assembly Member Jim Frazier and State Senator Steve Glazer.

    Residents of East County suffer because ECCFPD is unable to respond to emergency calls for significant periods of time each month. East County houses burn down because fire engines and firefighters must come from neighboring fire districts. Injured accident victims of Brentwood and Oakley suffer extra pain and injury because response times exceed municipal, national and industry standards.

    The situation is bad, and it is getting worse, as more and more houses are approved and built, as more and more people move to East County.

    City government managers have refused to voluntarily resolve this public safety funding problem. Elected leaders, at the city, county and state levels, have all refused to resolve this public safety funding problem.

    So it comes to the people, through the direct democracy of the initiative process, to resolve this public safety funding problem.

    “The Brentwood/Oakley Emergency Response for All Initiative” plan is a first step to correcting the public safety services deficit in East County. It is a plan being put forward by a non-partisan civic group, East County Voters for Equal Protection, with the goal of municipal proposition votes in November, 2020.

    The plan calls for petition signatures to be gathered, as required by the California Elections Code. Filing fees, signature gathering costs, and campaign expenses are expected to be about $50,000, costs which must be covered by community contributions.

    If you want to see a vote on the question of whether East County should have the same level of public safety services funding as the rest of Contra Costa County, mail a check to East County Voters for Equal Protection, 1300 Crescent Drive, Brentwood CA, 94513. Or go online and contribute at

    Your safety, and the safety of those you love, depends on it.

    # # #

    ​​​​​​​ “East County Voters for Equal Protection” is a non-partisan grass roots citizens’ action committee formed to address the issue of unequal funding of fire and emergency medical services existing in 249 square miles of Eastern Contra Costa County. About 120,000 residents, as well as those who work and play in Eastern Contra Costa, have services funded at a level one-fourth to one-third of those levels in other parts of Contra Costa County. For more information contact committee Chair Bryan Scott [email protected]. The group’s Facebook page is FPPC – 147914
    East County Voters for Equal Protection
    1300 Crescent Dr.
    Brentwood, CA 94513

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  5. Last month, someone posted on about a propane tank being stolen from their front porch…my initial thought was, got to be a homeless person.

  6. So I guess we should treat homeless people like animals? Damn some of your mother fuckers need to just die in your sleep. All you assholes have a opinion, but non of you fuckers will actually do anything about the issue. You just wanna come up on here and complain. Brentwood folk are so damn uptight and snobbish it is gross. I wish nothing for the worst for you and hope homeless people steal more of your shit.

    • Well you certainly stared off well until your rant became foul and offensive. Got you point but you could have smoothed it out a bit. Showed your age!

    • Now, just wait a minute here! Many people have suggested resolutions for the “homeless” issue like returning them to the states of their origin! Why should we, Californians, pay for their upkeep while those states who send them here are let off scot free? I’d gladly contribute thousands of dollars for one way tickets on Greyhound buses to take them to their original states!

    • My point exactly, the “foul” language showed my age. Hahaha you mother fuckers are so sensitive that you can’t handle some words. I have spent 15 years in the Military and had about enough bullshit when they said we couldn’t curse at the private’s in basic training. Showed my age?!?!?! Lmao I am probably close or the same age as you, the only thing is I am not a PUSSY!!! You don’t like the homeless well do something about it. You cry baby ass bitches come on here and complain about everything, makes me sick as fuck. It’s called life you assholes and if you don’t like it move to Canada where it is normal to be a pussy

    • Personal security detail, yes I did do that in Iraq for a couple of Generals. PSD! Lmao dumb ass don’t even know what you are talking about. I wish you would say that shit to my face lol I am pretty sure you wouldn’t.

  7. I think someone has some serious anger issues! Probably from service-related. Those are the types who get into ROAD RAGE and put people in danger.

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