Future BART Cars to be Assembled in Pittsburg

Press Release

Photo by Bombardier Rail

On June 14, 2019 Bombardier Transportation announced it is opening a rail car assembly site in Pittsburg, California to assemble BART’s Fleet of the Future rail cars.  This work, which is currently taking place in upstate New York, will be transferred to the Bay Area over the coming months.

The new facility is expected to employ local workers, contribute tax dollars to the local economy and, thanks to its proximity to BART’s Hayward Test Track, greatly reduce the vehicle emissions needed to transport the cars to BART property.

What use to be a 3,600-mile journey home to the Bay Area, will now be a quick 50 miles.

“The Fleet of the Future cars have received rave reviews from our riders and we are thrilled to welcome Bombardier to the Bay Area,” said BART General Manager Grace Crunican.

Bombardier was awarded the contract in May 2012 to replace BART’s aging fleet with 775 Fleet of the Future cars.

“We are pleased that the new rail cars for Bay Area passengers will now be produced in the Bay Area by Bay Area citizens, said Elliot G. (Lee) Sander, President, Americas Division, Bombardier Transportation.


  1. Great news for Pittsburg but Antioch really screwed this one up and had a better opportunity with so much ground ready areas. Makes me wonder if Antioch was even considered.

  2. You act like mother fuckers will be lining up for jobs. You can bring as many jobs to this area but these lazy assholes won’t work. Might as well make in non union and hire illegals because welfare pays too good

  3. Bombardier was a horrible decision for builder of new BART train cars. Wonder if they will ever be here. I have yet to ride in a new train car. Maybe they are only for the Warm Springs line. When you look at WC and Lafayette BART stations, East County was so discriminated against when it comes to BART or East County’s FART system that doesn’t even run every 15 minutes. BART is run by a bunch of thieves.

  4. The decision to allow the low bidder of the cars to build them out of the area was the first mistake. It’s great to see someone found common sense for east county. We have the facilities, the work force, and we are the taxpayers paying for the new cars.
    It’s about time at least one decision at Bart works for Contra Costa.

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