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Brentwood: Six Injured in Vehicle Crash on O’Hara

Photo by Bay News Video

At 12:37 pm Sunday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and Brentwood police responded to a report of a vehicle crash at O’Hara Avenue near Adams Lane in the City of Brentwood.

Upon arrival, police located a three vehicle crash that had shutdown the roadway.

According to preliminary information, a driver of the white Lexus lost control of his car traveling southbound on O’Hara  and Adams LN. in Brentwood and jumped the center divider causing a collision with a car that was traveling northbound on O’Hara AV.

A third car was impacted when a street sign came flying into its windshield. Two patients out of  a total of eight were transported to a area hospital. The others refused treatment against medical advise from AMR.

Brentwood Police is investigating the incident.


  1. Why are there so many crashes on O’Hara? Why are those people taken away called “patients?”

  2. My mother always used to say “it’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust everyone else out there”
    I always would roll my eyes when she’d say that… but now I truly understand

    • I would tell my daughter the exact same thing 😊 now she has two little ones and understands a Mother’s worry even though they are just babies still.

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