Brentwood Police Make Suspected DUI Arrest Tuesday Afternoon


At 1:33 pm Tuesday, the Brentwood Police Department responded to Sand Creek Road at Highway 4 in the City of Brentwood after a truck struck a pole and left one man with minor injuries.

Upon arrival, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District arrived on scene of a truck that had taken out a pole, sign and ended up into a street light pole. The male had told firefighters he was coughing and then blacked out at the time of the crash.

California Highway Patrol then arrived on scene to assist prior to Brentwood Police arriving on scene. Police performed a field sobriety check and placed the man under arrest for suspicion of drinking and driving.

No other injuries were reported.


  1. What an idiot! Do the police wear blue jeans now? I hope the officer squeezing suspect’s arm doesn’t kill him like the idiot did in Minnesota.

    • The lifelong, habitual criminal in Minnesota didn’t die at the hands of the cop. He died in a hospital of a heart attack brought on by all the illegal drugs in his system, cocaine, meth, other. If you can yell out “I can’t breathe” 23 times, you’re not dying.

      • This is the most uneducated comment I’ve ever read. Congrats to you, Kelly. The officer was cutting off his air supply. His autopsy indicated that his cause of death was due to compression of his neck and back by that cop. Go educate yourself before you let your racism and ignorance make you look like more of an idiot.

      • “If you don’t inhale at this point, you will begin to suffocate, but you will still be capable of speech even as you are dying.” If you read the report then you would know that the drugs in his system were not the cause of his death karen

  2. I’m sorry for my comments. I was referring to the idiot being the drunk driver. The man in Minnesota didn’t die from police and the police and Trump are great!!!

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