Board of Supervisors Installs New Leadership Voting in Andersen as Chair, Burgis as Vice Chair

Press Release

Photo provided by Contra Costa County

Martinez, CA – The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors held a swearing-in ceremony for Supervisor Candace Andersen as Board Chair and Supervisor Diane Burgis as Vice Chair at its January 7th, 2020 Board meeting.

District 2 Supervisor Candace Andersen who has served Contra Costa County since she was first elected in 2012, including a previous term as Board Chair in 2016, takes the leadership role from outgoing Chair, Supervisor John Gioia of District 1.

Supervisor Andersen expressed her thanks to Supervisor Gioia as well as her readiness to tackle our County’s issues.

“I appreciate Supervisor Gioia’s leadership in maintaining our County’s strong fiscal position and ensuring that many who need County services receive them in a timely manner. As Chair, I intend to work with my colleagues to strengthen the County’s commitment to supporting our law enforcement to keep our communities safe,  expand our work addressing homelessness and the need for more housing, and do even more to help individuals, families and communities confronting mental health issues,” said Supervisor Andersen.

District 3 Supervisor Diane Burgis will serve as Vice Chair in 2020. She has served on the County’s Board of Supervisors since 2017, representing the largest geographic region of the five districts.

Supervisor Andersen is completing her second term, and Supervisor Burgis is serving her first term. They will lead the five-member elected body that sets the direction of county government and oversees its $4.43 billion budget to serve this large and diverse East Bay County.

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  1. 4.43 Billion Dollar Budget and East County roads are falling apart. NOT including the new gas tax. Leadership ????

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