Bay Point: Firefighters Save 2 Dogs After Honey Oil Explosion Ignites House


At 5:42 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of smoke and flames coming from a home on Sara Ct in Bay Point.

When units arrived on scene, they advised that the home was 50% involved and that all occupants were out and only pets were inside. Flames were coming from all sides of the home and due to a safety hazard, they had to begin with an outside fire attack.

By 6:00 pm, the fire was out and at least two people were transported to local hospitals with injuries. CONFIRE also stated 5 other dogs and 1 cat died in the fire. Contra Costa Animal Services also responded to the call.

According to firefighters on scene, they said occupants of the home had a honey oil explosion out of the back of the home which caught the house on fire.


  1. What idiots! The people got out and left their pets inside? How much effort would it have been to just open the doors and let the pets run out! Some people are just plain dumb! They don’t deserve to have pets!

  2. This was a DRUG HOUSE! Those poor animals had to pay the price or those scumbags who left them there to die!

  3. Honey oil is hashish oil and extremely explosive. Lucky that the entire block didn’t go up in flames.

  4. I own some properties in that area and people have been complaining about the activities in that house.

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