Bay Point: 5 Injured in Overturned Vehicle Crash on Highway 4


Just after 2:00 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters were dispatched to a report of an overturned vehicle on westbound Highway 4 just prior to the Bailey Road exit in Bay Point.

AMR arrived on scene quickly and reported that 4-vehicles were involved with one vehicle that was overturned and on its roof. The incident was blocking the number 1 lane.

By 2:10 pm, Truck 84 arrived on scene and reported a total 5 patients with 3 minor injuries and 2 non-critical. T84 requested a second ambulance to the scene.


Detail Information
2:03 PM7[17] [Appended, 14:04:47] [3] PTY IN OT VEH DECLINE 1141
2:02 PM6[16] [Appended, 14:04:47] [2] DRVR OO VEH
2:02 PM5[15] [Appended, 14:04:47] [1] 3 VEH BLKG #1 WHI CHEV CAM VEH ON ROOF VS GRY TOYT CAMERY VS BLK KIA SD
2:01 PM4[8] 1039 1141
2:00 PM3[4] BLKG LANES 1 and 2
2:00 PM2[6] [Appended, 14:01:04] [1] DODG CHARGER – VS 3 OTHER VEH’S



  1. None of these people are “PATIENTS” until after they are inside a hospital and were evaluated. Before that, they are just people who were in a crash!

    If you’re going to use the word “PATIENT” then maybe everyone who gets in a car and drive somewhere should be known as a potential “PATIENT!”

    • I’ve seen that, too! Always wondered why someone extracted from a crashed car would automatically be labeled a “patient.” He’s only a patient after he’s admitted to a hospital or has an office visit with his physician.

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