Video: Highway 4 Roadside Fire Limited to 1/2 Acre in Antioch


Just after 3 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County Firefighters responded to a vegetation fire along Highway 4 at the Laurel on-ramp on the City of Antioch and City of Oakley border.

Upon arrival, they located grass on fire and decided to let the fire burn itself out and assist it with a controlled burn. The fire was limited to about a 1/2 acre in total. They even managed to attempt to catch a bunny and take it to safety before it decided to cross Highway 4.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) also responded as a precaution and to provide traffic control.


  1. I’ve noticed that these fires are occurring in the last couple of day. How are these fires starting? Off I-4, at tha. There was one at I-4 and Port Chicago and then another one ….. Now, this one. Someone must be starting them and we need security cameras and drones deployed to catch who is starting them and go after them.

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