Assemblyman Frazier Visits with Constituents at Brentwood Farmers Market


Assemblyman Jim Frazier continues to reach out to his constituents within his District as  Saturday morning was no different as he attended the Brentwood Farmers Market talking with a attendees on a wide variety of topics while staff was handing out coloring books to kids. Firefighters from Station 54 showed up to say hello and talk fire service with the Assemblyman.

“I want to get out into the community and get a pulse for what is going on and what they are thinking so I can better represent them,” explained Frazier. “Tthere is no better way to talk to them than to reach out to them at events such as farmers markets.”

During our time observing, constituents brought up a variety of topics which included:

  • Jobs
  • Budget
  • Crime
  • Gun Control / Gun Buy Back Programs
  • Voter Rights
  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws
  • Taxpayers being only able to vote
  • Pill Disposal Programs