Sprinklers Prevent Kitchen Fire From Spreading Inside Brentwood Home


At 1:09 pm, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a reported residential structure fire on Tarragon Drive in Brentwood. The fire was caused by an unattended stove which started a fire. The fire sprinklers reportedly were activated and put out the stove fire.

Fire crews arriving on scene investigated the incident to ensure the fire did not spread into the home.  Aside from the stove, there is water damage in the kitchen from the sprinklers being set off.

Engines 54, 93, 94, 52, 59 were all responding along with Engine 88 from Contra Costa County Fire. Engine 88 made it all the way to the scene before being cancelled even though they were the third engine closest to the incident while Engine 59 was also cancelled prior to arriving.  Crews were on scene just over an roughly an hour.


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