Antioch PAL Baseball Continues to Highlight Sportsmanship


Antioch’s Police Activities League Baseball League season is coming to an end next week, but the league has continued to focus on having fun and ensuring sportsmanship during its season.

Yesterday was no different as coaches helped young players bat, kids got to run the bases, and self-confidence was built up in the name of “having fun”. One coach explained how there has been a huge difference in ability in just a few weeks.

“A few weeks ago, players would swing the bat and they would spin around with the bat. Now they can keep there feet planted and let the bat follow through without the spin,” said Coach Luke Green. “It’s pretty great to see improvement but more importantly we are out there to have fun.”

We made our way to a couple games in the afternoon and snapped these shots.

The Antioch Police Activities League (PAL) baseball league  is full with nearly 600 kids and teamed up  with the  Jr. Giants Baseball League to make the program possible.

Keep your eye out for their annual golf tournament fundraiser this fall as they are hoping to raise funds so they do not have to turn away kids as the program was so popular, it turned away 200 kids.

For more information on the Antioch Police Activities League, visit their website.