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Antioch City Clerk Hit With Notice of Intention to Circulate a Recall Petition

by ECT

On Tuesday, Antioch City Clerk Ellie Householder was served with recall papers for her position as city clerk. She was served just before Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe held his press conference on homeless housing.

For Householder, if approved, she would be facing two simultaneous recalls for both her position as City Clerk, and for school board trustee with the Antioch Unified School District.

According to the recall petition, she has violated the California Public Act, hindered constituent requests and have rejected versions of a recall petition against Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe on multiple occasions.

Notice of Intention to Circulate a Recall Petition

TO THE HONORABLE Elizabeth Householder: Pursuant to Section 11020, California Elections Code, the undersigned registered qualified voters of Antioch, in the State of California, hereby give notice that we are the proponents of a recall petition and that we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of City Clerk, in Antioch, California, and to demand election of a successor in that office.

The Grounds for the recall are as follows:

You violated the California Public Records Act (Government Code 6253) by failing to provide a copy of a public document to the records department at Antioch City Hall and thus hindered a constituent from their right to inspect a public record. You rejected the first drafted petition to recall the Antioch mayor without including a statement of what alterations to the petition were necessary (Elections Code 11042(c)). You then rejected a second petition citing election code 107(b), which is not applicable to the recall effort. You ignored the proponents request to send your findings via email, instead choosing to send them via certified mail at a cost to the city and cited elections code 11224 as your reason to not email them. Election code 11224 refers to the certification process of approved petitions that have already been signed by registered voters and was erroneously cited. You omitted emails from a Public Records Request, once again violating the California Public Records Act. This misuse and misapplication of Election Codes and continued violations of Government Code 6253 illustrates your inability to do the job in which you were elected and warrants your removal.



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STREET-SWEEPER Nov 30, 2021 - 9:03 pm

I love the photo, the lady serving her papers was like ” here’s your papers B !” 🤣

Two Wheeler Dec 1, 2021 - 6:54 am

Poor Ellie..(sarcasm)

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