Alert: Individual is Impersonating Sheriff’s Office Employee


Contra Costa Sheriff

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff would like to warn the public about an individual who is impersonating an employee of the Office of the Sheriff.

In the last several days, an unknown man has called residents in the East Bay claiming to be “Lieutenant Jackson of the Warrant Unit.” The caller tells listeners that they failed to appear for jury duty or a traffic violation and that unless they pay hundreds of dollars in fines and fees, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. And in order to avoid this, the caller instructs listeners to make payment over the phone through reloadable prepaid cards that could be purchased a local store.

There is no one by that name employed by the Office of the Sheriff nor is there a “warrant unit”. It is not the practice of any law enforcement agency to have people avoid an arrest warrant by paying through reloadable prepaid cards.

Several people have been victimized by this type of fraudulent activity. Anyone receiving such a call should refuse to provide any personal information to the caller or simply hang up. Please contact your local law enforcement agency and notify them of the incident.

Information provided by Jimmy Lee, Director of Public Affairs, Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.


  1. Omg he called me I still have the number and message he left me he said I was going go to jail and I had to pay 1500$ with pay pal

  2. Is it just me or are the scams and thefts seem like they are getting worse everywhere? So tired of the POS’s that walk this earth daily taking from us hard working citizens. In the last few months my neighbors who is a deputy sheriff Honda was stolen from her driveway all in about 10 mins. after another neighbors company left around 1am. Before that someone at 7:30am backed their truck up and stole my other neighbors utility trailer. This is when people are zooming but taking their kids to school at Diablo Vista and no one saw anything except the other neighbors camera. Then just the other night at 8:30 a guy broke into my neighbors car. Funny thing is that he has cameras but that day had back up his van all the way to the garage and blocked the camera, however my other neighbors camera across the street captured the dirtbag first standing in my driveway before heading next door. Okay my Jetta before it was totaled was in the driveway every night and the only thing I notice with it being touched was that it seems that my gas was stolen often. We live in a area that is petty nice, the neighbors watch out for each other but is there such a thing as “nice” anymore?

  3. I cant believe people would fall for this but for the person below even if you had paid in paypal they have a hold on the money that can be pulled from a persons paypal account for I believe 2 weeks, so this guy is a bigger idiot. It would take 1 call btw. If he gave you a paypal account you should report that to the police as they can issue a warrent to request the information from paypal as to the IP and any further information they would be able to provide through their fraud detection which may lead to an arrest.

  4. I saw a car the other day that had flashing lights on it. It was a white plain chevy impala. I noticed that on the back there was NO California exempt plate on it but i saw a registered tag. Do all sheriff and law enforcement vehicles have exempt plates on them? I also notice that the person was ticketing them in an inappropriate place that obsturcted traffic. IT was in the down town bentwood area right off of chestnut where you turn onti bentwood blvd. It’s unusual to me and i’ve never seen a white chevy impala cop car with no PD sticker at all and the flashers in the front behind the front windscreen at the top below the headliner. Like some type of secret police or something.

    • Could have been a DA or someone along those lines, but remember people if an unmarked vehicle (no light bar) gets behind you and starts to try and pull you over DON’T. Call 911 and inform them of the situation. Anyone can buy those police light bars online.
      I had some yahoo in a blue truck put some red and blue flashers on behind me, I wrote his plate number down and had a LEO friend run the plate, the guy had numerous priors of impersonation an officer.
      You never know, it can be an old man on a power trip in that case, or it could be the next David Douglas.

  5. Never give anyone any personal information or credit card numbers , etc. over the phone. If you are not sure have them give you information and write it down. If you are not sure call the police. Scams are everywhere. Even my brother scams me every time he speaks. He tried changing his name. That didn’t work.Scammers are just scum trying to make a quick buck off of someone else.They are out there.Be cautious.

  6. John,

    what’s wrong dude, apparently you can’t help yourself. Again with more fantasy, infatuation and delusion? What audience are you hoping to gain? This isn’t Farmville and it isn’t crazytown.

    All you continue to prove with your posts is that you can’t get past your hang ups. Is that really what you were going for? Showing everyone first hand what crazy looks like?

    Maybe it is time to move out of Knightsen and work your way back into the general population where you won’t stick out so much. Repeating your self inflicted commentary about an imaginary brother is about as freaky as talking to your livestock. I hope you get help soon because you are getting worse- much worse.

    • You seem to be way off topic. We are talking about a person impersonating a sheriff. No need to get skin deep underneath a personal target, keep it simple and uniform towards the subject. again we are trying to identify the person who is falsely impersonating a law enforcement personel.

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