Student from Belshaw Elementary Airlifted to UC Davis


Antioch Unified School District

Emergency crews responded to an incident involving a student at Belshaw Elementary School in Antioch Wednesday afternoon around 1:13 pm. The student reportedly ran into glass which injured an arm.

The injury sustained at the school was serious enough that the paramedics felt the need to air transport. The student ultimately was air lifted to UC Davis for further treatment. No further details about the injury or how the injury occurred were released.

According to Lewis Broschard, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Fire Marshall, the crew from Engine 82 located in Antioch had a response time of 4-minutes after a report of an arm/hand injury.

Belshaw principal Laura Casdia thanked first responders and staff for their response.

“The staff did a wonderful job, in keeping calm and supporting all students and the injured student’s family.  A big thank you goes out to the paramedics that responded quickly and eased the concerns of the injured student and his family,” said Casdia.


  1. Tyson is doing great and gets to come home today. Over 100 stitches in his arm, and at this time looks like no permanent damage.

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