AG Candidate Denounces Xavier Becerra’s Frivolous Census Complaint


The following was a press release was issued by California Attorney General Candidate, retired Judge Steven Bailey denouncing Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s Frivolous Census Complaint asking a question on citizenship status will be reinstated to the 2020 decennial census questionnaire to help enforce the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

Below is a copy of his press release:

“In order to ensure free and fair elections for citizens who alone can exercise the right to vote, we must have a complete accurate count of citizens in the United States.”

California – “It seems California sues over every decision the President’s administration makes so it is no surprise that the mostly absent AG rushed to the microphones to announce he’s filed yet another costly lawsuit — this time against the constitutionally-mandated census of the United States,” declares retired Superior Court Judge and 2018 California Attorney General candidate Steven Bailey. “The Constitution requires that we have a complete accounting of citizens in this country, and in order to ensure free and fair elections for citizens who alone have the privilege to vote, we have to ask who is a citizen and who is not.”

Officials at the Department of Justice wrote a letter to the Department of Commerce illustrating the need for including this common sense inquiry in the 2020 census. “The Department needs a reliable calculation of the citizen voting-age population in localities where voting rights violations are alleged or suspect.” The letter continues, “Multiple federal courts of appeals have held that…citizen voting-age population is the proper metric for determining whether a racial group could constitute a majority in a single-member district.”

Judge Bailey also explains, “California complains about the count every time, and state and local lawsuits after the census count are always a given, but there has never been a successful lawsuit alleging a deliberate undercount. The Attorney General is filing for an injunction to exclude a question based on preventing a hypothetical undercount,” explains Bailey. “That is unprecedented and, if granted, could allow for any state or locality to stop the census over unfounded hypothetical concerns.”

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  1. It’s sad when these old white guys use speech of exercising rights and citizenry when it’s 2018 and we all know it’s all rigged, the elite at the top don’t hear or care about our interests. They just want to hoard what they have until the end of times. Poverty, cancer, crime can all be eradicated but they love to keep the world in chaos and be the facade we all wish to attain.

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