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AD-11: Sac Bee Gave Wrong Endorsement Yet Again

by ECT

This morning, the  Sacramento Bee claims it was a close call when they endorsed Mike Hudson (Suisun City) over Jim Frazier (Oakley) for Assembly District 11 which covers parts of Solano, Contra Costa and Sacramento Counties.

I have no problem if a paper or anyone endorses a certain candidate as  it’s their choice, but to mislead the public about someones record is not appropriate for a newspaper. A few of the Bee’s statements had me falling out of my chair.

For starters, they called Hudson a “moderate” which is the furthest thing from the truth—he has run as the Tea Party Candidate since announcing his candidacy and taken extreme Republican positions on many topics while many Facebook posts can prove this. The Bee also failed to state how exactly Mr. Hudson has worked across party lines.

The Bee interviewed all the candidates this spring and even acknowledged in their duel endorsement (Hudson & Frazier) that Hudson founded the local Tea Party in his area. So a few months back he is a Tea Party candidate, now he is a moderate, someone flipped to earn an endorsement.



The Bee then talks about Hudson’s position on Proposition 8—the banning of same-sex marriage. Hudson claims he is a libertarian on social issues.

So now you have from the Bee that he is a moderate,  a Libertarian while months ago acknowledged he is a founder of a Tea Party group, so what is he?

The Bee also claims he is running a relatively bare-bones campaign, but gets high marks from people who have worked with him. So what?

He is running bare-bones because he can’t raise money and who are these people giving high marks that the Bee failed to name?  I am sure Mr. Frazier can get even more high marks when you compare endorsement lists. Heck, even the Suisun City Police Officers Association endorsed Frazier over their own Councilman.

They give Mr. Hudson credit for taking about the Delta and protecting the ecosystem. Okay great, what has he actually done to protect the Delta? While Mr. Hudson can talk about it, Mr. Frazier has been actively actually working on protecting the Delta and sits on the Delta Protection Committee–he also worked with the Save the Delta Group to secure a showing of their documentary Over Troubled Waters.

Frazier also helped reverse a decision to help protect California Striped Bass this past February when he spoke out against the proposed Striped Bass Legislation in which the Commission voted unanimously against a staff recommendation on the rules change.  Where has Hudson been fighting for Delta issues?

Finally, the Bee claims Mr. Hudson is a Quaker and opposes the death penalty.  That is not what was said this past April during the NAACP, if Mike Hudson did not believe in the Death Penalty, he would not have said he didn’t want it abolished.

Hudson stated at 24:00 mark:

I think we all know that the world is not fair, we have all been at the position where we have seen the injustice. I have a problem with the death penalty because of the way its implemented. While I support it for the most heinous crimes the death penalty, I have a problem with the cost, I have a problem with its irreversibility, once you kill someone they are gone, there is no appeal there. You made a mistake you have to live with it. So the cost, irreversibility and my faith sometimes put me at odds with the death penalty but I’d like to see something better, I don’t want to see it abolished.


AD-11 does not need a chameleon who will change his story for political gain representing us. Instead,  we need someone who is firm on their beliefs, has principals, and has a proven record of achievements which is what Jim Frazier has clearly proven and is a far superior candidate.

The Bee has proven again it will make an endorsement without doing much research on what Mr. Hudson claimed during the Primary and how his story has changed today. The endorsement really doesn’t matter, its the fibs within the endorsement that are inexcusable.

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JimSimmons42 Sep 21, 2012 - 7:41 am

Hudson kind of reminds me of “dopey” as he is not very bright. Spend 5 minutes with him and that is all you need. Good for the Bee, they simply are par for their course in the endorsement and prove they can be lied to. Nice one Burk lol

Rob Saw Sep 21, 2012 - 8:50 am

The Daily Republic published a piece about Mike Hudsons $33k in travel which they explained how Hudson could have gotten a 4-year degree from his travel? Ya, he is someone I wont be voting for.


Julio-Antioch Sep 21, 2012 - 11:34 am

I won’t vote for Fraizer either. The City Manager deal was enough for me.

Former Chamber Member Sep 23, 2012 - 4:18 pm

I’ve seen Mike Hudson many times, anyone who endoses him has serious brain damage.

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