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Frazier Provides Guest Commentary to East County

by ECT

The Brentwood Press provided a Guest Comments from the Assembly District 11 race as Jim Frazier submitted his own comment while Mike Hudson’s came from Hal Bray.

Jim Fraziers Guest Comment was a nice read as it talks about his introduction to him and politics. But what was nice is it lists in a simple format his accomplishments and his goals. Here is where he stands on some of the issues.

  • Jobs – California needs a solid plan to create good-paying jobs to put East County residents back to work. I mean real jobs – not just rhetoric.
  • Balancing the budget – we need a two-year budget plan that comes in on time and evaluates the effectiveness of programs before being funded.
  • Crime – I support more police, gang prosecution and neighborhood crime prevention programs. I’ve earned the endorsement of Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson, Sheriff David Livingston, area police officers and our deputy sheriffs.
  • Education – we need to harness our brightest minds to provide world-class education for our students. I will never support raises for college administrators while our students struggle to pay tuition!
  • Delta protection – I am honored to serve on the California Delta Protection Commission. Southern California wants to take our water – harming water quality, our fish population and tourist industry. We need to stop them.

In contrast,  Hudsons Guest Comment was pretty weak in my opinion.  But what was funny to me and stuck out most was how  the author mentioned how both the CC Times and Sacramento Bee endorsed Hudson.

Sure, the Bee did endorsed Hudson, but it really didn’t give a strong endorsement of Hudson as it mentioned “Two good candidates”, and “in a close call, The Bee endorse Hudson” while its final paragraph stated the following, “Hudson has demonstrated he can collaborate at the local level. He will have a hard time defeating the heavily funded Frazier. But if voters in the 11th Assembly District want to change the dynamics in the Legislature, they’d be wise to give Hudson a close look.” As for the CC Times, Frazier was never going to get the endorsement anyway, they would have given it to Mickey Mouse if he was Frazier’s opponent. They have had an “anyone but Frazier/Oakley Councilperson” attitude since last year.

Keeping with the newspaper theme,  left out of the Hudson piece was both local Solano Papers (Daily Republic and The Reporter) where Hudson serves in Solano County both endorsed Jim Frazier for Assembly.   The Daily Republic was direct when it says in its title, Send Frazier to State Assembly while The Reporter stated voters would do well to send Frazier to the legislator.

Voters have a pretty easy decision in front of them considering Frazier took the time to write his own commentary.

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Millie Oct 28, 2012 - 5:49 pm

I am glad that the news media endorsed Mike Hudson today. Good call East County times !
I agree too.


B-Wood Oct 28, 2012 - 10:34 pm

Millie, halfwaytoconcord called. They want you back….. (You fit in so well there since it’s a real clown factory). BTW-I’m no Jim Frazier fan , but I have to ask have you ever met or actually payed attention to Mike Hudson? I don’t think he has both oars in the water. No wonder you like him. Perfect fit?

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