Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Parts of Bay Area


The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory Monday evening as unsettled weather continues with rain Monday evening. There is also a chance for snow at higher levels.

By late Monday night snow levels will drop to 1000 feet in the San Francisco Bay Area. Snow will be mixed with rain as low as 400 feet and perhaps down to sea level, especially in the North Bay.

Snow accumulation will likely impact roadways in the higher hills above 1000 feet, which will result in hazardous driving conditions.

Additionally, there are locations which will see overnight lows that will plummet into the upper 20s to upper 30s both Tuesday night and Wednesday night when frost is likely in the valleys.


    • Weather is not the same as climate. Congratulations Dawn, you’re dumber than an Elementary school student. Climate change is very much a reality.

  1. @Dusk, Dawn must be trolling because no one could actually be that ignorant. Oh wait…*sees President’s tweets* hmmm…

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