Sept. 19: Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed to Host Creek Cleanup Event


On Saturday September 19, the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed will be hosting a cleanup at 9-sites on Marsh Creek on California Coastal Cleanup Day.

Last year, they had over 300 volunteers remove 6-tons of trash from 20-miles of creek and Delta Waterways. Pre-registration is encouraged and a waiver form is needed.

To register, click here.

The sites Include:


Cypress Rd located at 240 E Cypress Rd, Oakley  – (See Map)
We meet at the EBRPD parking lot.  We need more folks here!!

Creekside Park located at 3900 Creekside Way, Oakley.
This is the site to go to in Oakley-  


Corner of Dainty and Central.
This is a great place for those that can move up and down  the bank.

Homecoming Park located at 2040 Homecoming Way.
Last year between here and the Brentwood Tech Center we found 1/4 of all of the 5.25 tons of trash picked up in one day.  If you want to pick up some serious trash come out to this site!  

Ron Nunn School/ Apple Hill Site located on Rose Brook Terrace off of Central.
This is the fifth year that Apple Hill and Summerset Residents took on cleaning up Sand Creek which runs
in to Marsh Creek!

Creekside Park
This is the most friendly stretch of clean up in Brentwood for those with mobility issues including older people, small children and those in wheelchairs!

Discovery Bay/ Delta Cleanup
Kellogg Creek Trail on Newport and Capstan Place
We will be cleaning up Kellogg Creek from the Newport and Capstan Place.  There is lots of trash
from hwy 4.  Let’s get it out before it gets in to the Delta!!