Ron Leone Announces Candidacy for Contra Costa County Education Superintendent


Concord City Councilman Ron Leone has announced his candidacy for Superintendent of Education for Contra Costa County.  The election for the position will take place in June, 2018.

After obtaining his Teaching Credential in 1975 from San Francisco State University, Ron began teaching art to middle and high school students in Needles, California.  The following year he began teaching history, government, art, and law at American High School (AHS).  After serving as Principal over the course of several summer schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD), Ron became Vice Principal of AHS in 1994.  In that same year he was awarded Teacher of the Year for SRVUSD.

From 1998 to 2008, Ron worked for the Antioch Unified School District (AUSD), first as Vice Principal of Deer Valley High School (DVHS) and later as Coordinator, Child Welfare and Attendance, and Director, Student Support Services.

In 2010, Ron was elected to the Concord City Council, and in 2012 served as the city’s mayor.  Ron continues as a City Councilman today, while also remaining involved in education by working as a substitute teacher/administrator in both AUSD and the Mount Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD).

In announcing his candidacy, Ron emphasized the importance of the County Office of Education supporting local school districts.  “I’m visiting all of the local school board Superintendents, listening to their concerns, and learning how best we can help them,” he said.

Ron invites all who want to learn more about him and his plans to improve education in Contra Costa County to contact him directly at, [email protected]



  1. Durring his years on the Concord City Council Ron Leone has been completely controlled by the Concord Police Department labor union. In his capacity as councilman he has supported unusually high wages for Concord PD officers, along with these bloated mega-pensions the officers now get. Concord, of course, doesn’t have that much crime, but the officers are being paid like they are patrolling South Central LA. In fact, shoplifting and car shopping cases are the typical crime in Concord – yet Concord officials are paying officers like they are patrolling some combat zone. Overpaying the PD officers has basically bankrupted Concord, the city has had to lay off 25% of the city work force to find the money to pay these bloated PD salaries. There is no money anymore in the Concord budget for the arts, for recreation programs , for road repairs, for parks – all we get in Concord is $ 140,000 a year PD officers . Given Leone’s history – his close ties to the Concord PD labor union – imagine what’s going to happen if he become school superintendent. The teachers union will order him around, just like the Concord PD labor union does. When he makes decisions as superintendent he will first have to call the teachers union to get his marching orders. Voters should not make the mistake of voting for Leone to run our schools, he is a labor union stooge, he will not put students first, nor will he listen to members of the community, he will be an errand runner-flunkie for the teachers labor union.

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