Halloween Weddings Performed by Costumed Staff

Press Release


Clerk-Recorder Division offers couples the opportunity to be married by characters on Halloween

MARTINEZ – Have you ever considered being married by a fictional character or a bucket of popcorn?

Contra Costa County will give you that opportunity this Halloween, since the Clerk-Recorder is once again offering couples the unique experience of having their Halloween wedding officiated by a costumed staff member.  Past costumes have included witches, pirates, zombies, Disney princesses, fairy tale lasses, historic figures and many more.

“We try to offer special venues to give our couples an experience they’ll never forget,” Clerk-Recorder Joe Canciamilla said. “Obviously those looking to get married on Halloween are looking for a memorable experience. It is fun for everyone.”

In addition to the unique officiant option, one of the ceremony rooms will be decorated and there will be some holiday-themed decor inside the office. The Clerk-Recorder staff will have some other tricks and treats for visitors as well.   Deputy commissioners in classic robes will also be available to perform ceremonies.

Holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day and unique numerological dates, such as December 13, 2014 (12/13/14) tend to increase the number of ceremonies, which start at 8:30 am and are held until 3:30 pm.

To make a wedding appointment or for more information, visit www.contracostacore.us .