Fire Destroys Bethel Island Home, Firefighters Save Neighboring Homes


At 10:16 pm Monday, East Contra Contra Costa Fire Protection District units were dispatched to Bethel Island in the 2500 block of Taylor Road on a report of a residential structure fire with a report of flames being observed through the roof.

Upon arrival, Engine 53 observed a working fire with flames coming from a two-story home on an elevated property.

According to Battalion Chief Jake Gonzalez, all units were immediately assigned to structure protection and the fire.

“On initial dispatch, it came in as a working structure fire with flames through the roof, with the first engine company on scene and the water supply issues we could dump water on this structure or we could use it to protect other structures. We also confirmed at the time all parties were out of the structure,” said Gonzales. “With the lack of resources on scene while waiting for secondary engine company’s to arrive compounded by water supply issues, we had little choice but to first protect the neighboring structures before attacking the fire.”

According to Gonzalez, this fire was victim to time and distance working against it with units coming from Antioch along with a water boat shooting water on the back of the home. Taylor Road is also narrow which limited how close resources could get.

East Contra Costa Fire had the assistance of two Antioch engine companies and a third crew who utilized its water boat–a total of 10-firefighters from neighboring Contra Costa Fire Protection District.

During this incident, CALFIRE covered the district and ran calls.

The structure was a total loss while minimal to no damage reporting on neighbor structures at 2536 and 2510 Taylor Road. Fire crews were on scene for 6-hours 34-minutes.



  1. Really? What about medical calls during this ordeal?

    Seems like if two or more fired break out at the same time were done.

    We live in a area with half million dollar houses all over and we need mutual aid? Really!?

    • Posters here only show their ignorance with stupid comments. Makes one wonder what they are trying to accomplish with this crap.

  2. They could build and fund a new fire station on B I Road for 6 million dollars of unexpected found money. Sure wish we had an elected board like we voted for.