Contra Costa Reading Association to Honor Tamra Golinveaux


In February, the Contra Costa Reading Association (CCRA) announced it will honor honored Tamra Golinveaux, a first grade teacher at Garin Elementary School.

Brentwood Union School District Superintendent Dana Eaton said  “Tamra Golinveaux gives tirelessly of her time and expertise to students, teachers and administrators alike.  She is well deserving of this honor and I am very proud to work with her.”

According to the Organization, Golinveaux joined CCRA 3 years ago and has made a long lasting impact.

Upon joining CCRA and the California Reading Association, Golinveaux immediately supported members in literacy and technology while serving these past 3 years in Public Relations.

Golinveaux is a busy young Mom and teacher, volunteers not only on our board in PR, but also presents workshops such as using Twitter to help teachers professionally.  She also helps teachers all over Contra Costa participate in virtual staff development sessions via Facebook.  She tirelessly reaches out to teachers and principals to involve them on our board and at our meetings to impact teaching and student learning.

According to CCRA, Teachers love that many of the Watson podcasts help them in areas beyond where they are supported by the district.  Teachers get help in management, organization collaboration tips with peers and parents, and how to maximize joy in teaching.

Rebecca Delgado said of these meetings facilitated by Golinveaux, “We get a sense of newness and ability to hit the restart button every morning. This increases energy and zest for teaching.  Even more, it impacts my students’ learning!!”

“Tamara always put her students learning at the front of her instruction. Then she uses a variety of strategies intertwined with technology to be sure each student makes progress.” said Joni Smith, CCRA Board member and past recipient of the prestigious ILA Celebrate Literacy Award.  Last year, Joni also received the statewide award from the California Reading Association for her magnanimous efforts for CCRA, her school and district, and as a long time board member for the American Literacy Corporation.

Also receiving the Celebrate Literacy Award this year is Karen Yee, Vice President of CCRA.  Karen has held many board positions for CCRA including president.  CCRA appreciates her years of service and impact to teaching.

Please join CCRA in honoring Tamra in May from 4-6 PM at 633 First Street Brentwood CA 94513