Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures Named 2017 Small Business of the Year

Press Release


SACRAMENTO ─ A community-oriented charter boat business based in Discovery Bay
is the 2017 Assembly District 11 Small Business of the Year, Assemblymember Jim
Frazier, D-Discovery Bay, has announced.

Captain Morgans Delta Adventures and owners Frank and Melinda Morgan were honored at the Capitol today, during California Small Business Day 2016 observances.

“I’m pleased to be able to recognize a business known for its top-notch service to its customers and the community as a whole,” said Assemblymember Frazier. “I’m also thrilled to honor Frank and Linda, who care as passionately about the Delta as I do.”

Founded in 2012, Captain Morgans Delta Adventures has grown from offering 13 cruises per year in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to booking 165 voyages annually aboard the Rosemarie, a 55-foot boat named in memory of Frank’s mother, Cynthia Rosemarie Morgan.

Frank Morgan, who captains the boat, has been exploring the Delta’s 1,100 miles of river channels since he was a teenager. His knowledge and experience contribute greatly to his
passengers’ enjoyment of the beauty and recreational benefits of the Delta.

The firm also supports dozens of local nonprofit organizations by providing cruise tickets to raise money for much-needed community and charitable programs. As sponsors of the Discovery Bay Community Foundation, the Morgans contributed to the purchase of a community work boat.

In addition, Frank Morgan was instrumental in creating the Lighted Buoy Legacy Project, which paid for entrance and speed buoys in the main channels of Discovery Bay and identification signs throughout. He also developed a map that identified the many bays
within Discovery Bay.

The company was named the 2015 Business of the Year by the Discovery Bay Chamber
of Commerce.

“Melinda and I are honored to be recognized by Assemblyman Jim Frazier as the 11th District’s 2017 Small Business of the Year, thank you!” Frank Morgan said. “We feel truly blessed to be in a position to provide a service to our local community, as well as give back to non-profit organizations that do so much every day to make a positive difference in the lives of people in need. We also thank all of those who have supported us over the past five years, and we look forward to seeing you again on the Delta soon.”

Each year, the California State Assembly recognizes the contributions of small businesses and acknowledges their important role in the creation of jobs and growth for the California economy. The day began with workshops coordinated by the California Small Business Association, followed by a Salute to Small Businesses Award Luncheon honoring each Assembly District’s Small Business of the Year.

To contact Assemblymember Jim Frazier please visit his website at or call his District Offices at 707-399-3011 or 925-513-0411.

To find out more information about Captain Morgan’s Adventures offerings or to book an adventure, visit them at