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WTF California: Shootings, Arson, Sideshows? No One Fears Consequences Anymore

by ECT

Where are the consequences and why is there so much support of the criminal? Consequences are out the door in today’s society with the criminal getting the praise and cops are trashed. We get into all the shootings over the weekend from City of Antioch, City of San Jose, City of Hayward to sideshows in Antioch with a city councilwoman allegedly at the sideshows—if Tamisha Torres-Walker was in fact at sideshows, that is reason enough for removal from office as they should never be excused, supported, or attended by a councilmember.

We get into how the Antioch Police Department, Brentwood Police and others have done a great job over the weekend, but it gets back to people no longer fear consequences. Also a shout out for Pittsburg Police who held their PAL Fishing with youth over the weekend.

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Done with bullies Apr 20, 2021 - 8:05 am

My family was just talking about this . No consequences for the bad guys and good guys are being bullied out of their neighborhoods due to fear . It’s not right .

Donna L Salazar Apr 20, 2021 - 2:51 pm

Its a real shame the Mayor doesn’t know his Antioch history Your Official Apology has Officially been done before. We also have our sister city Chichibu so we’re good there to. To bad you don’t think Current Citizens of Antioch deserve a apology for TWT abusive threatening live feed video. Oakley’s whole school board stepped down. We cant even get a apology. Or voice a opinion or Mayor Thorpe will call you names. How dare you call me a RACISTS having done so after my public comment That is more vile to me than the N word is to you. Race has nothing to do with character. Your playing favourites you look shady doing it too

Renata Rossi Apr 21, 2021 - 12:36 am

Tamisha should be removed because she was elected ILLEGALLY. As a felon who committed arson, she should never even been allowed to run for the city council office. An illegal election means that there is no need for a RECALL, which one goes through when elected LEGALLY. See the difference?

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