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WTF California: Law Enforcement Under Attack in California

by ECT

On this episode of WTF California, we go heavy law enforcement as police agencies across the state are under attack with anti-police rhetoric, including Antioch where Mayor Lamar Thorpe holds another ill-timed grandstanding press conference. We also get into City of Berkeley approving new police reform policies, San Francisco Mayor London Breed calls on Police and District Attorney to work together, Los Angeles County District Attorney calls for “Brady list” and more.


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James Feb 26, 2021 - 3:28 am

Back the blue! Don’t listen to nut heads!

Maribear Feb 28, 2021 - 7:05 am

Not all police officers are bad cops, just like not all of any sector of work or people is. There are good and bad people everywhere. Identity politics has caused more division and hate. Crime in Antioch is at an all time high. If you are a police officer your life is on the line daily. Better training is needed but the crime rate rising is a big concern. Division and hate are not the answer. We need to find a solution together and stop listening to politicans dividing us by race, class, politics and jobs.

Trista Aquino Mar 4, 2021 - 11:18 am

Agreed 100%. We dont have to agree on a president to treat eachother right. Like Carlin says, “….anything they can do to separate us; race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality– anything they can do to keep us fighting with eachother, so that ‘they’ can keep going to the bank. (In reference to the 1% who pull all the strings and control all of the money)

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