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WTF California: An Interview With Mary Knox, Candidate for Contra Costa District Attorney

by ECT
Mary Knox for District Attorney

On this episode of WTF California Podcast, we interview Mary Knox, candidate for Contra Costa County District Attorney. She highlights how she plans to restore safety in the county to hold people accountable for the crimes they commit. She talks ethics, integrity and victims’ rights.

We get into a series of topics from homelessness, moral from both the District Attorney’s Office and police departments, catch and release to zero bail. The bizarre policy where police must ask criminals if “they needed” something when committing a crime, prop 47 and should it be repealed,  lowing the threshold on drug cases as well as Civil Asset Forfeiture. Integrity of elected officials and favors being done by the current District Attorney comes into question. Plus more so be sure to give it a listen and share with everyone.


More on Mary Knox:

About Mary:

  • She has been with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, Deputy District Attorney – 1985 to present

Assignments include:

  • Community Violence Reduction Unit Supervisor targeting gang homicide and gun violence
  • Juvenile Unit – Youth Justice Initiative Steering Committee
  • Homicide Unit Supervisor
  • Gang-Homicide Unit
  • Sexual Assault Unit
  • Career Criminal Prosecution Unit
  • Major Narcotic Vendor Prosecution Unit
  • Elder Abuse Unit

Freeway Security Network

Mary implemented this project to combat epidemic shootings and murders on Contra Costa freeways, designed the network, and obtained $3.5 million in funding from CalSTA for the installation of an integrated system of technology on the freeways to enhance transparent investigations and reduce violence.

MCLE and New Prosecutor Training Coordinator, 2007 to 2017

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Mike Conklin Feb 3, 2022 - 8:29 am

Loved to segment on Mary Knox !

If you’re open to it I’d like to do a spot on our veterans support program, Sentinels of Freedom in San Ramon.
Just Google Mike Conklin Sentinels of Freedom to see what we do.
Keep up the great show.

Vb, Mike

Vote for Mary Knox Feb 3, 2022 - 11:21 am

Current DA Becton is corrupt. If you are tired of Contra Costa County’s “soft on crime” attitude. Please vote for Mary Knox.

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