Wiesen Selected in 3-1 Vote to Fill Vacant Discovery Bay Seat


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In a 3-1 vote, Marianne Wiesen was appointed over Michael Gaffney and Brian Enborn to fill the vacant seat on the Discovery Bay Community Services District Board.  She will replace Ray Tetreault who resigned last month who cited medical reasons as cause for his resignation.

During the meeting, all three candidates addressed the board and answered questions during a 2-minute time frame.

Wiesen stated she knew most of them because serves on Community Center Committee and retired to Discovery Bay 3 ½ years ago.  She explained how she had been working with State Governments and County governments working with $6-8 million budgets for nursing homes.  She stated she served on many boards and is a humanitarian—loves gardens. In the State of Illinois, she wrote a $200k grant for nursing home.

She stated the biggest challenge for the community center is trying to get a lot of programs started because there are so many opportunities that would be valuable to the community.

“My wish is to get the community center moving, I feel like we are standing still,” said Wiesen.

Michael Gaffney shared his experience as CEO and President of many companies and that he also worked with many non-profits. Meanwhile, Brian Enborn stated the other two candidates appeared more qualified than him, but that he was looking to give back to the community and has helped run a family business since 1965—he has been the President since 1983.

Director Kevin Graves nominated Wiesen.  Director Bill Pease disagreed and stated the Board needed business experience.

“I think Marianne is a very qualified individual and served community center committee well from what I’ve heard, however I think the board needs some with some more business background.  Marianne served the public sector well if you will and I think this board could use some private sector analysis on some of the things we are doing. So unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to support Marianne,” said Pease.

He continued.

“With all due respect I do not support you because I feel like we need more business experience on the Board and I think that your contribution to the Community Center Committee would continue and be excellent to the community,” said Pease.

Graves shot back in disagreement.

“I would point out to the board that Marianne got up there and told us the budget she was dealing with was $6-8 million budget that she did on a regular basis and the troubleshooter for it and in fact coincidentally that is the similar size budget we deal with here so I don’t know that I would agree she doesn’t have the business experience because I didn’t hear that in the comments. What I heard that she was very familiar with budgets, controlling budgets, working on budgets, negotiations  with regards to unions which is the most difficult and I think that would give her a tremendous experience,” explained Graves.

Wiesen was then appointed in a 3-1 vote with Pease being the dissenting vote. She was then immediately sworn in. The seat will be up for election in November 2014.

Below is a copy of her letter of intent.

To whom it may concern:

This vacancy on the Board of Directors is a sad occasion, as the resignation and reasons for same are a true loss to all concerned.

His shoes were responsible for many successes in the Town of Discovery Bay, and although I know I do not have a history within California, I do bring to the table a long history of career, business, government, and community service in the Midwest.

As a current member of the Community Center Committee, I would like to express my interest in applying for an appointment to the Board for the balance remaining of the term.

My original letter of interest and resume reflected my career history, grant writing, government service and professional organizations.

In the three plus years of residence in Discovery Bay I have become engaged in the following:

  • Membership Chair for Discovery Bay Lions Club
  • Development Chair for Kaleidoscope Hope (Cancer Connection Support)
  • Founding Board Member of Bay Area Rescued Kanines of Contra Costa County
  • Committee Member Discovery Bay Community Center
  • Past Board Member Sand Bay Isle HOA
  • Past Board Member Brentwood Senior Citizens Club

My personal passion remains the success of the community center, with programming for all ages, and service as a nucleus hub within the community. Not only is my interest in being of further services as a Board Member, additionally, as a retiree I have the time and ability to be of value as a volunteer.

Thank you to the Board of Directors for any interest shown in my letter of interest. My service on the committee will not be tarnished should the Board make an alternative choice. I am honored to be of service in any capacity to assist in the growth of our Town.

Although, I am no longer a member of Rotary, my many years of service have embedded the words, Service Above Self.

Marianne Wiesen
Discovery Bay CA
July 10, 2013


  1. Thanks for including the vote. The Times article did not include that or Bill Pease comments how he could not support Wiesen. Thanks for putting in real effort unlike others.

  2. Not really big news, but I am not surprised to see such a stark contrast between East County Today’s coverage of a story compared to the Contra Costa/East County Times. I don’t know how you do it Burk, but the newspapers can’t compete with you. Not even close.

    From your posting, Disco bay director Bill Pease seems to be a real Pease of work. Does he always come across like that? I’m glad he is over in the bay and not in Brentwood. We already have a mayor that trips over himself!

    Thanks again for covering all of east county.

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