Walnut Creek: Firefighters Respond to Explosion With Injuries


At 10:00 am Friday, Contra Costa County Firefighters responded to an explosion on the 500 Block of Sunnyvale in Walnut Creek. There was a reported explosion with multiple injuries which blew off the roof and side of the building.

The incident was a two-alarm response which also required 6 ambulances and 1-medical helicopter for a burn victim who was being airlifted to UC Davis.

According to radio traffic, 1 person was unaccounted for an firefighters could not search due to damage to the structure of the building. The building is a 4-unit building.

10:44 am Update:

1-paitnet by ground, 1 patient by air helicopter. Holding 2 units as a precaution and releasing 2 units. 1 patient unaccounted for–possibly trapped.

11:06 am Update:

Fire timer hit 50-minutes. Firefighters are still defensive on a portion of the fire and preparing to perform a search for an unaccounted for subject.


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Note – all updates in short-form, will give more details as it happens.
Photos via CONFIRE Twitter


  1. Thank goodness for our First Responders!! We’ve been watching these tragic events from our office window (after hearing the HUGE explosion) and hoping all are safe. Well wishes to the injured.

  2. glad u guys are gettin some kinda info on this julie, our local news channels have been airing the parade for the giants for an hour, nothing on this tragety,how rediculous

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