Vehicle Struck Several Times by Gunfire on Highway 4


Baypoint, Calif. – Last night, at approximately 10:00 PM, a shooting occurred on westbound SR-4 at Bailey Road. While the victim’s vehicle was struck several times, the solo occupant was not injured.

CHP – Contra Costa is actively investigating this shooting with the assistance of Golden Gate Division – Investigative Services Unit.

If you have any information or may have witnessed this event call 1-800-TELL-CHP. We wish to thank the public for contacting us with information in tragic cases such as this.


    • Julio, you don’t think well educated white and Asian men are doing this, do you? This activity is GHETTO. And so is Bay Point.

      It’s not everywhere. You don’t see this in Orinda, Moraga or Alamo, etc.

      • Ah Nicky Nicky Nicky… yes, this is the result of Educated Black and Brown men. Probably a professor emeritus with the highest distinction or honors in academia. Unfortunately, his darker complexion forced his savage nature to commit a drive-by… you’re a joke dude. Get back to your Doritos and Mountain Dew and keep your racism to yourself.

        • These shooting are usually gang related. In CA, there are more Hispanic gangs, followed by black gangs. That isn’t racism – that’s REALISM.

          If you don’t want black and brown men stereotyped, you need to change the behavior so they’re stereotyped in a positive manner. More black and brown college graduates who take education seriously, and drop the stereotype of “acting white” if someone does well academically.

          When will that happen? Once again, the truth hurts.

          • Ok so if a shooting happens in the streets (targeted) they’re brown, but if it happens in a school or hotel balcony (random terrorism)- they’re white, gotcha.
            And I’ve never heard of black and brown going to college as “acting white”… must be because for generations in this country, college was mostly afforded to whites huh? Maybe there’s a reason for the HBC’s huh? Study history and see that behavior today reflects conditions from the past. Lastly, the “educated Asians” stereotype Nicky talks about are from China.
            I suggest watching the movie “Stand and Deliver”.

          • Kids in the ghetto say doing well in school is “acting white” all the time. I’ve heard this from black women who try to stress to their children how important education is. It’s sad. Education is for everyone.

            When I think of educated Asians, I think of Japanese first. Japanese culture takes education very seriously.

            You need to thicken your skin. You’re too easily offended.

    • Julio … I think what is meant by “ghetto” in this case is a “ghetto” mentality.

  1. I suggest grammatical correctness. It’s “Stand and Deliver.” Not “Stand and Deliver”. If you paid attention in school, you’d know this. The period goes inside the quotes, not outside.

    You can talk shit all you want about rich, white guys but get all butt hurt is someone says something is “ghetto.” Grow a pair boy.

    • Actually there’s no period in the title of the movie Nicky, thus the period goes on the outside of the quotes and the end of the sentence just like this one.
      And not once did I say anything about white guys but since you wanted to bring race into it, then I did too. Because being rich and white isn’t an insult idiot, but being called ghetto is and associating it with race is.

    • Dimitri – Nick is correct. The period always goes inside quotation marks – no exceptions. I can’t believe how many people don’t know this. It’s one of the most common grammatical mistakes.

      The second most common is not placing a comma correctly. A comma belongs inside the quotes, not outside.

      Black people use the expression “ghetto” all the time. If you don’t want others to use it, black people need to quit using it too.

      Nick can say anything he wants. Freedom of speech.

    • Nick ….. I think he mean to type it as “Stand and De Liver.” Kind of like “liver and onions.”

  2. You don’t like it then move out face it you live in a f up world just kuz it’s not on the news doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. Welcome to our world! You just might be the next person to snap and end up on the ten o’clock news

  3. Dg, sounds like you might be the next person to snap and end up on the ten o’clock news. Mental breakdowns happen everyday and there are plenty of people who don’t end up doing this crazy crap. People shooting cars on the freeway are not the result of someone snapping. That’s downright ghetto behavior no matter what color you are.

  4. Melanie, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR keep your Hispanic RACIST comment to yourself. You don’t know what race is responsibile for this action. I can only guess it’s A THUG with no education that’s mad at society and wants to shot up at a nice looking car on the highway. Maybe you should drive up and down the highway and see if YOU can solve this and find the gangs you talk about and stop placing FOOT N MOUTH. Hispanics have other things to do besides shooting at cars.

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