Vacaville Police Arrest Four Booze Bandits

Photo provided by Vacaville Police

On Saturday, the Vacaville Police Department announced the arrest of four individuals who loaded up totes of alcohol and walked out of a local grocery store.

Before leaving, an employee and a shopper were able to get the license plate number and provided a detailed description of the assailants.

L to R: Gene Daniels, Branden Blacksher, Alanah Zierau

Police were notified and they began to position themselves on roadways in an attempt to locate the vehicle and within minutes, spotted the vehicle and took the four individuals into custody.

Branden Blacksher (20) of Oakland and Gene Daniels (21) of Antioch were both arrested for outstanding warrants for violations of their parole. Alanah Zierau (19) of Pittsburg was arrested for burglary and conspiracy.

A juvenile was also contacted and arrested in association with the theft.


  1. Smh… a product of the system …
    And will always be a product of the sysyem… there all so young …where are the parents …the Apple must not fall to far from the tree….sad .. very sad .

  2. Off with their hands!!! So they’ll learn… probably not their 1st rodeo and they had a juvenile with them as well??? Take your future felon to work day???

    • NOOOO! The police should make them drink ALL that booze in one sitting! Every drop! Then tape up their mouths so they don’t spit any of it out. I hope some of the stuff they stole is 190 proof! That would clean out their insides!

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