Updated: Two Wounded in Early Saturday Morning Drive-by Shooting in Brentwood


The Brentwood Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred just after 12:00 am Saturday on Lone Tree Way near Canada Valley Road in Brentwood.

The shooting occurred in or near the In-N-Out Burger parking lot.

Police did confirm two people were shot, a 19-year-old male and a 16-year-old male where both were expected to survive. No other details were provided.

Additional information is expected to be released later Saturday.

UPDATE by Brentwood Police (11:45am)


On 10/19/19, at around 12:04 a.m., Brentwood officers responded to the In-N-Out Burger parking lot located at 5581 Lone Tree Way to investigate a shooting. When officers arrived on scene, they quickly learned two victims (19 and 16 year old males) were struck by gunfire in a drive-by shooting. When the shooting occurred, both victims were standing amongst a group people in the parking lot on the west side of the restaurant. Both victims were taken to area hospitals and are expected to survive their gunshot wounds.

The suspect vehicle was described as a silver, 2017 or newer, Honda Accord sedan with rear tinted windows. The suspect vehicle was last seen traveling eastbound on Lone Tree Way towards Canada Valley Road. The shooting happened so quickly nobody could provide a suspect(s) description.

The restaurant was struck by two bullets, but thankfully no customers or employees were hit.

Preliminary information suggests this was not a random act but the motive is still unclear. This investigation is still ongoing and no additional details are being released at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this shooting is encouraged to call Detective Joe Nunemaker at 925-809-7761. Callers can remain anonymous.


  1. Brentwood is not that great. Lmao, you act like you guys are in San Ramon or Blackhawk. I live in Danville and Brentwood is nothing compared to here. Hahaha

    • Nice try! Retired Military, now civil engineer thanks to the gi bill. Sounds to me like you know a lot about living with your parents.

    • Dear Mr. McDaniels,

      Danville is an overpriced glorified subdivision at the base of a very dry, dull pile of dirt.. Mt. Diablo. If you really want to feel good about where you live without having to put others down, go to the Colorado Rockies. Go to the Swiss Alps. At least go to Mt. Tamalpais! With nary a drop of water and blistering temps, a home at the base of Mt. Diablo is nothing to be terribly excited about. If I had enough money to buy a decent home there (which is a LOT of money) but couldn’t move out of state, I would buy in Mill Valley instead. Your words make me think you don’t get out much. At least with my lovely little home in Brentwood, I still have enough after the mortgage to travel the European Alps.

    • I live in Danville? Woohoo everyone, HE lives in Danville. As they say in Atherton, Danville isn’t That great. WTF

    • Hey Robert! Brentwood is a very nice place to live. Apple Hill (community of Blackhawk) is also there. No one deserves to be shot at. Unfortunately this is happening in all areas of Contra Costa in the safest of neighborhoods because of contra costa clearing out the bad areas of Richmond, Oakland and Pittsburg. Don’t be surprised it doesn’t hit in our area of Danville!

  2. Know one knows that the other side of the street is Brentwood not Antioch. The Antioch side of the street is closed at that time of the night.

  3. Less than a stone’s throw, .2 of a mile to either Lowe’s or the Bella Rose Apts. It’s like the border of Antioch/Pittsburg by the other In “n Out, nobody could tell you exactly where the line is without consulting a map. Nothing magical, no wall there to stop what’s on one side from the other. For practical purposes, those areas are so blended that there’s no real difference regarding crime, traffic, etc. For the responding agencies, it’s important, but for people being targeted in a drive-by, the border won’t stop a bullet.

  4. Oh boy, Robert the retard. So you live in poor mans central county. You must be super important… to somebody.

  5. I was recently told by a new restaurant owner in Brentwood the city is just like Antioch only with out the homeless and a lot more business.

  6. There is no place to live that there is zero violence. You can’t escape assholes, especially assholes like Danville Robert. He probably has a big house with a large mortgage and his wife cheats on him. His children probably hate him, so he takes to internet threads to tell people how great he is. SMALL pp

  7. Wow really?? I live in Antioch and I have also lived in Lafayette and WalnutCreek. I think to judge and stereo type a person by where they live is horrible. I am an honest law abiding citizen who happened to buy a (very nice) home in Antioch. It is sad that many judge people due to where they live! Yes Antioch has been riddled with crime but so has many places in the world. Living in Danville does not make you any better than I. Just know that! Seems as though people have lost all morals.

  8. Vote YES on L or vote NO on L, not matter, both bring Antioch closer to Brentwood according to the election information.

  9. The joys of social media
    No civility
    No respect
    The opportunity to be a loud mouthed bully
    How the world has changed for the worse

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