Antioch Police Pull Man From Vehicle That Enters Delta Waters

Photos provided by Antioch Police Department

At 2:57 am Saturday, the Antioch Police Department and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle that entered the water at the Antioch Marina.

Antioch Police were able to locate the vehicle and free the man before firefighters arrived on scene. Contra Costa Fire remained on scene for nearly 3 hours.

UPDATE per Antioch Police

In the early morning hours, officers were dispatched to the Antioch Marina for a report of a car that had rolled down the boat ramp into the water. Officers were told there was a man trapped inside and he was holding his head above the water.

When officers arrived, they saw a white convertible submerged under water. The officers quickly began to try and pull the man out of the car, but learned that he was stuck inside. While trying to keep the car from rolling further into the water, officers were able to cut open the convertible top enough to get the driver’s door open, free the trapped man inside, and pull him onto the dock.

Contra Costa County Fire and AMR arrived on scene and treated the man. He was then transported to a local hospital for further care.