Update: Marsh Creek Fire at 757 Acres, 100% Containment

Photo provided by Dan Dinneen

Just after 3:00 am Saturday, firefighters in Contra Costa County and CALFIRE were reporting multiple fires along Marsh Creek Road.

Fires were reported at Marsh Creek and Bragdon as well as Marsh Creek Road and Deer Valley. While responding, firefighters reported up to 9 separate fires that eventually grew into larger combined fires.

Contra Costa Fire Battalion Chief Bob Atlas and ECCFPD Fire Marshal Steve Aubert on scene around 4:00 am Saturday at the command post.

While responding, Engine 82 reported one fire was at least 3-acres  A command post has been set up at Round Valley while at that time, the largest fire was around 15-acres and another at 50-acres.

Firefighters from CALFIRE, East Contra Costa Fire, Contra Costa Fire, San Ramon Valley Fire, Marin County Fire all had responded to the incident.

Meanwhile local law enforcement included CHP, Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff, EBRPD Police, Brentwood Police and Oakley Police.

6:15 am UPDATE
the fire was reported at 500-acres with 0% containment. No structures were threatened. The fire investigator said the fires were “suspicious” and “arson” was possible. Residents near the mobile home park reported hearing an explosion of some sort.

11:00 am UPDATE
Firefighters said the fire is at 655 acres and 50% containment. CALFIRE Aircrafts are also now providing air support.

8:00 pm Update

The Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office announced the shelter in place has been lifted in the area. All roads are open to the public again except on Marsh Creek between Morgan Territory Road and Deer Valley Road. Residents in that area can go to their homes with a valid identification. The road will be shut down to all others for the fire investigation.

There will be a hard closure on Marsh Creek Road from Morgan Territory Road to Deer Valley Road tomorrow, 8/4/19, starting at 7:00 AM until an unspecified time while fire fighters complete their mop up.

August 4, 2019

6:33 am Update
The fire is still holding at 655 acres and now 85% contained. At least 300 firefighters worked the incident Saturday as 12 fires have now merged into 3 larger fires. As of Sunday, there are now 72 firefighters committed to the incident according to CALFIRE.

There are no reported structures that were damaged or destroyed, there was also a report of 1 minor injury. Full containment is expected by Monday.

August 5, 2019

7:10 am Update
CALFIRE said Monday that the fire is at 757 acres and 85% contained. Marsh Creek Road remains closed to traffic except for residents. As of Sunday, Marsh Creek Road is still closed, but now is closed starting at the entrance to the Marsh Creek Detention Facility, located at 12000 Marsh Creek Road, on the west side, and Deer Valley Road on the east side. Residents with valid ID can enter.

August 6, 2019
7:20 am Update
CALFIRE said Tuesday that the fire is at 757 acres and 90% contained. Per Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office, Marsh Creek Road is now open with no restrictions.


Final Update
Fire is now 100% Contained