Update: Brentwood on Ice Anticipates Reopening Tuesday Afternoon


On Monday, Brentwood on Ice said it plans to open Tuesday afternoon after working to repair damages from vandals early Saturday morning which has kept the ice rink shutdown.

On Saturday, vandals open valves to the ice chiller which caused puddles of water on the 5,400 square-foot rink while damages to equipment was estimated at $6k-10k while loses were estimated as high as $30k.

No details have yet been released by Brentwood Police.

Brentwood on Ice is scheduled to be open daily through Jan 5, 2020.


  1. This is nothing new to holiday ice rinks trying to bring something good for East County. Prices will just keep rising to cover the damages and then we stop going and put the owners out of business and rinks never return. We all have a responsibility to say something when a person is vandalizing or loitering.

  2. So sorry and sad this happened. I understand it was probably deliberate vandalism. People had scheduled birthday parties for this location. Scum scum scum may your Karma be swift and just.

  3. First of all, the person who referenced Lamar Thorpe is an idiot. Just go back to your racist hole. As to the incident, unfortunately businesses like ice rink need to know that they need security overnight. They can’t rely on PD drive patrols. And when things like this DO happen, we all need to step up and help the guy out. We could all help get him back on his feet and reopen. Act like a community

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