Two Oakley Residents Arrested in Connection With Brentwood Armed Robberies


Brentwood Police Badge

The Brentwood Police Department have arrested two Oakley residents in connection with five armed robberies that occurred on April 17 at various locations in Brentwood.

Brentwood Police announced the arrest of  Badaldeep Singh, 18, and a minor whose name is being withheld due to age, however, police say he is 17 years old.

Official Press Release from Brentwood Police

As reported in a prior press release dated April 18, Brentwood Officers responded to five (5) separate armed robberies on April 17, 2014 between the hours of 8:18 pm and 9:35 pm, all believed to be connected to the same group of suspects. The robberies occurred at various locations in Brentwood.

All of the victims were robbed at gunpoint; the weapon was primarily described as a black semi-automatic handgun. In two of the incidents, the suspects also used pepper spray. The victims were primarily robbed of their cellular phones and other personal belongings. One victim sustained an abrasion to the knee and others were exposed to pepper spray, but nobody was hospitalized.

The subject descriptions varied, but all were described as black males in their teens to early 20’s, primarily dressed in dark clothing and dark hooded sweatshirts. In two of the incidents, the suspect vehicle was described as a black 2 door or 4 door sedan, possibly Mazada or Dodge Charger with LED taillights.

On April 24, Brentwood detectives developed information that lead to the arrest of a 17 year old black male of Oakley and an 18 year old Oakley resident Badaldeep Singh. Both were arrested on April 25 on outstanding warrants associated with these robberies. The juveniles name is withheld due to age. The vehicle used in these robberies has also been identified.

The investigation is ongoing as additional suspects remain outstanding. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective George Aguirre at (925) 809-7726 during regular business hours or (925) 809-2441 after 5:00pm.


  1. To think that everyone thought it was Antioch scumbags. Surprise, the scum has rolled into Oakley. Cheers to BPD hope you keep the borders more secure better than our president or it is all over for Brentwood.

  2. Keep reading stories like this and hopefully there will never be any doubt or conflict when our Brentwood City Council moves to keep adequately funding our police department. It is only going to be an aggressive police force that will work to keep this element at bay. Lone Tree Way is not a barrier.

  3. Oakley is getting a lot of these section-8 people. This program should put them to work for the money instead of giving it away. This people need to be kept busy working instead of robbing for the stuff that you need good work money to buy. Their basic needs like housing and food are paid by our tax money for free, they need to keep them busy doing anything like swiping the streets at least so they will have less time to rob. They want to get everything for free. GET A JOB PEOPLE.

  4. The Welfare and Section 8 people are the ones eho have brand new iPhone 5’s etc. Either paid for by the working class tax dollars or stolen. Something is seriously wrong with the system and our youngsters are being robbed at gunpoint!
    Thankful they were caught wherever they live!

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