Video: Traffic Safety Campaign Launched by Brentwood Police


On April 1, 2019 the Brentwood Police Department kicked off a year-long Traffic Safety Campaign focused on Education, Engineering and Enforcement to promote a culture of safe driving habits in the City of Brentwood.

The Traffic Safety Unit will be hosting discussions at the High Schools and community group meetings to address safe driving tactics, commute and school traffic, common sense accident avoidance, and obeying traffic signs. Additionally, they will broadcast safety messages utilizing social media and closed circuit television at local businesses. The police officers and the city’s Traffic Engineer have been modifying roadway designs, markings and signage to reduce collisions and make your overall travel experience better in Brentwood.

In 2018, the Police Department reported they had 445 traffic collisions with injury along with 1,776 speeding citations.



  1. It’s called “Defensive Driving” and they USED to teach it in High School. I applaud BPD for stepping up, but we really should bring DD back to HS.

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