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Today: Remembrance Event for Road Traffic Victims

by ECT

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Today in Pittsburg, a day of remembrance for road traffic victims will be held between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the East County Boys and Girls Club. The event will feature memorial tables where people who have lost their family and friends can display photos and other memorabilia.

The event is to help bring awareness for pedestrian protection and road safety which is being put on by the Stop Stop Stop Ameeya McDonald Foundation. The event will have a jumper for children, memorial tables, along with food and drinks. There will also be a basketball tournament for youths.

The event is being held just two months after Ameeya McDonald died of her injuries after a Sept. 22 accident occurred on Jimno Ave where she ran into the street after the ball and the driver of a passing vehicle didn’t see her and hit her. Less than 24-hours earlier, Burgess Hu was hit and killed by an SUV riding his bike to school in Byron.

For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/StopStopStopAMF.

Event Location:
East County Boys & Girls Club
1001 Stoneman Ave.
Pittsburg, CA

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Michelle Diaz Nov 20, 2013 - 1:51 pm

Has StopStopStopAMF been registered as a non profit yet with the State of California or is this another way for the family to raise money? I know this is suppose to be a nonprofit for pedestrian and vehicle safety, but has anyone considered this accident was not the driver’s fault. This was truly an accident and the driver had no control over a 2 year old child running into the street. This nonprofit wants to promote safety but has anyone considered the safety of the driver who was assaulted by multiple friends and family at the scene of the accident? Let’s not forget a 10 year old child was responsible for watching after this two year old while playing outside. Hopefully this non-profit is not another way for friends and family to raise money similar to their multiple fundraisers held at numerous bars in Pittsburg and Antioch. Has anyone addressed why baby Ameeya’s mother was at a bar fundraiser the night of her daughter’s funeral.My heart truly goes out to this child, but is this foundation going to help others? There are a number of things that could of taken place to change the unfortunate and very sad outcome this child has endured. If this is all about promoting safety and not another outlet for attention and money then the focus should truly be on preventing accidents like this.

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