Today: Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed to Host Fish Ladder Walk


The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (FOMCW) will be hosting a Fish Ladder Walk Sunday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm to look for salmon and to learn about their efforts to bring back the salmon population to Marsh Creek.

At 12:30  PM FOMCW Intern Mary Helen Nicolini will highlight what FOMCW is doing for water quality monitoring and how it impacts the groups efforts to bring back the salmon. At 1:30PM, you are invited to join FOMCW for a walk with East Bay Regional Park Naturalist Ashley Grenier & FOMCW’s Diane Burgis on the Marsh Creek Trail to the Marsh Creek Fish Ladder. 

The event will educate folks about the life-cycle of salmon, how the fish ladder works & what FOMCW hope to do in the future to improve the salmon population in Marsh Creek.

This is a fairly easy 2 mile walk on some paved and some unpaved trails. This walk is recommended for 10 years old and up. You will get a chance to walk down and view the fish ladder and see how it works and how we maintain & manage it’s operation.  We are inviting students and scouts that have helped work on the fish ladder to talk about what they have been doing.

Please wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Cameras, binoculars and polarized sunglasses are helpful to see.

FOMCW is asking that if you see salmon in Marsh Creek to get video and/or pictures and let them know when and where you saw it and email to [email protected].

According to FOMCW, they have received verbal reports of at least 2 different sitings of salmon this season.  If you see any type of activity in the creek that looks as if people are building traps please notify FOMCW and the police department.

Fishing and or capturing salmon while they are in the creek is against the law.  These fish are in the process of spawning (reproducing) and are more than likely in the process of dying. They are not good for eating and we want these salmon to populate our creeks so that  more and more will be coming back each year!

For more information about the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, visit their website at or visit their Facebook Page.

If you go:
When: Sunday December 21st
Where: Homecoming Park Brentwood
2040 Homecoming Way, Brentwood