Tip: How to Better Promote Your Event and Raise Awareness


In this video, I break down event promotion and marketing basics for those trying to get more exposure for your events and in some cases, this will apply to causes.

While this is aimed at very basic principals…  basic principals should help many people get the much needed push to get more butts in the seats, build up hype, and improve overall communication towards building a campaign for your event.

Truth is, social media is making people lazy and many steps are being skipped in marketing plans which hurts event goals.

It is not enough just to post to Facebook, you actually need a marketing plan, budget and schedule… but also do not forget about Press Releases and event announcements. These two things are often overlooked and be sure to send to all media within a 60-mile radius of where your event is being held. Do not be romantic with just a single publication, send the same info to all media because your goal in event promotion and raising awareness for a cause is to get as many eyeballs as possible.

Also, take advantage of all local event calendars (in most cases, they are free) and be detailed in your postings–or since you have written a press release already, I hope, just post that in there.

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With ticket sales, make this as easy of a process as possible. If it is difficult, you will lose out on sales. In most cases, these ticket systems allow you to build an email list — take advantage of email lists to improve communication and build up hype.

Finally, take advantage of photography and videos for promotional purposes and layoff the clip-art. Spend the $10 online and download a photo. Or, hire a company to take photos that you can use not only this year, but for several years in the future.

Again, very basic overview, but I hope it helps.

Bonus: in Contra Costa alone, in no particular order, send media/press info to the following publications:

  • Claycord
  • News 24/680
  • Berkeleyside
  • East Bay Times
  • Brentwood Press
  • Antioch Herald
  • 110 Magazine
  • Diablo Magazine
  • Delta Living Magazine
  • East Bay Express
  • Livermore Independent
  • Patche (Concord, Danville, Livermore, San Ramon)