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The Reporter Endorses Jim Frazier

by ECT

The Reporter put out an endorsement this morning of Oakley Councilman and AD-11 Candidate Jim Frazier over Mike Hudson. All one has to do to see why Jim Frazier is the right choice for the District is view the 45-minute interview forum.

Here is what The Reporter stated:

Central Solano residents have an opportunity to send another moderate Democrat to join her in the Legislature: Jim Frazier, who is running to represent the newly drawn Assembly District 11.

Mr. Frazier is an Oakley resident and small-business owner who entered politics a decade ago after his oldest daughter was killed in a traffic accident in the Lake Tahoe area. As he and his family lobbied for a guard rail to be installed on Highway 50, they were befriended by a state senator who helped them achieve their goal. Mr. Frazier has said it was then that he realized the importance of having officials who serve the public.

Since then, he has served on Oakley’s Planning Commission and City Council, and as the city’s appointed mayor, where he was a strong advocate for bringing a health-care clinic to that city. He also has represented his city on transportation boards and the Delta Protection Commission.

Mr. Frazier’s name-dropping about his political connections in Sacramento raised some eyebrows during his interview with The Reporter Editorial Board. If he intends to use those connections to get plugged into the Legislature quickly, that’s fine. But he must not become a rubber stamp for the Democratic Caucus.

He needs to stand up for his district and its needs, even when that means bucking the powers that be. In that respect, he would do well to emulate Sen. Wolk.

Voters also would do well to send Jim Frazier and Lois Wolk to the Legislature.

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JimSimmons42 Oct 17, 2012 - 6:47 am

Way to go Jim!

Steve Oct 17, 2012 - 7:04 am

Just another ” Lib”

Martha Oct 20, 2012 - 7:13 pm

Good Going, Jim!

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