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Suspects Associated with Thefts from Elderly Victims Arrested by San Ramon Police

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On Tuesday, San Ramon Police announced the arrest of two people in connection with several jewelry thefts targeting elderly victims in the City of San Ramon and the Bay Area.

According to police, the arrests of Alex Ghiocel (24) and Elena Gunici (21) of Fullerton occurred Monday at approximently 3:15 pm during a traffic stop at Crow Canyon Road and Reedland Circle.

Police say officers received an alert from our automated license plate reader (ALPR) system that the vehicle being driven by the suspects was involved in recent thefts from elderly victims in the City of San Ramon. The license plate was entered into our system after San Ramon Police Detectives developed a lead stemming from another San Ramon theft that took place on Sunday (January 16, 2022).

During that incident, the female suspect called a 74-year-old woman over toward her vehicle and placed costume jewelry on the victim. When the victim refused the items, the suspect removed a valuable piece of jewelry and left the decoy jewelry behind.

During Mondays  traffic stop, Officers contacted Alex Ghiocel, 24, and Elena Gunici, 21, of Fullerton inside the vehicle along with their two-year-old child. Following the officer’s investigation, Ghiocel and Gunici were arrested and booked on multiple felony charges, including Grand Theft (Penal Code 487), Theft from an Elder/Dependent Adult (Penal Code 368(d)(1)), and Conspiracy to Commit a Crime (Penal Code 182(a)(1)).

The child was subsequently released to a family member. Ghiocel and Gunici have been positively identified by at least one San Ramon victim, and Detectives are working on their connection to previous San Ramon cases.

San Ramon Police say this is the tenth “quick-change” style jewelry theft reported to the San Ramon Police Department since late November of 2021. In every case, a female suspect approached an elderly victim (between 60 and 86 years old) who was outside and often alone. The suspects used confusion and sleight-of-hand techniques to remove the victim’s jewelry before fleeing in a waiting vehicle.

If you have any information that could be of assistance in this investigation, please contact Detective Wickman via email at [email protected].

Information provided by San Ramon Police

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Robert C. Jan 19, 2022 - 8:48 am

Good policing and an example of the usefulness of license plate readers. I’m tired of hearing the left-wing opposition to such readers citing “privacy issues.” There’s no “right to license plate privacy” when operating a motor vehicle.

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