Updated: Suspected DUI Driver Strikes Teen in Brentwood


A driver was arrested on suspicion of a DUI after striking a teen in the City of Brentwood on Tuesday.

The incident occurred around 3:30 pm on Brentwood Blvd. at Fir Street where both AMR and East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters arrived on scene to locate a 14-year-old male on the ground who was suffering from potentially a seizure.

The teen was ultimately airlifted to a hospital.

The incident shut down the roadway. Police performed a field sobriety test on the driver of a white truck and ultimately placed him under arrest for suspicion of a DUI. Brentwood Police also confirmed that a 16-year-old was in the vehicle with the driver at the time of the crash.


5:58pm Update by Brentwood Police:

On May 14th, 2019, at 1527 hours, officers arrived upon a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision at Brentwood Bl. and Fir St. The roadway was closed for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The investigation revealed a 14 year old pedestrian was walking along the shoulder of Brentwood Bl. when he began suffering a medical emergency. The juvenile traversed into the southbound lane of Brentwood Bl. where he was struck by a Ford F250 truck traveling southbound on Brentwood Bl. The juvenile’s injuries on scene appeared moderate.

The pedestrian was flown to Oakland Children’s Hospital. At this time there are no further update on his injuries.

The driver, a 58 year old male from Brentwood remained on scene. He is currently under investigation on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Names of the involved parties are being withheld at this time pending further investigation.

Update #2 (May 15)

58 year old Brentwood resident Mark Maggiore was booked into Martinez Detention Facility last night on suspicion of driving under the influence with injury (felony) and child endangerment (felony).

The juvenile pedestrian was admitted into Oakland Children’s Hospital and is in stable condition.


    • If you’re related to the teen, I feel bad for your family. If you’re related to the drunk driver – tell the SOB to quit drinking and driving before he kills someone. The media is just doing their job.

    • GET OVER IT! Everyone loves the news and wants to be nosey until it directly involves them. If someone takes the video down I will post it myself.

    • What is wrong with you Andrea? This is media. You must close the drapes to change your mind.

    • Why exactly is this unfair? I’ve seen much worse on the news channels. The driver decided to drive under the influence of some sort and a bad thing happened. That puts other peoples lives at risk and a boy was seriously injured. What is not fair is he made a poor choice and put other members of the community at risk. I am glad ECT is now posting this type of stuff. Maybe it prevents others from making poor choices on the roadways in East Contra Costa County.

    • So you’re whining about unfairness when the media has a right to post this video, yet you’re posting under your first and last name. There is no name attached to this story, yet you’re attaching yours. Wouldn’t that be unfair to your family? Hypocrite much?

    • just another trial by social media. perhaps that’s why the video should be taken down. sounded like this was not necessarily an open/close case, yet public is more than happy to vilify before all the facts are reported.

  1. Criminal activity is public! Many innocent people have been in the news too. This guy is drunk and being arrested. Yes, no one had protection from him so why get upset his crime is public?? Personal responsibility is what got him there. Feeling heartbroken for the boy and his loved ones…

  2. Hahahaha they plastered the video and that douche bag’s face all I’ve the news. They need to hang him.

  3. I don’t mind that they post the video up I agree they’re doing their job but they could at least blur out his face!! & I never said I agreed with the choices the man made, I feel terrible for the boy and his family but the way this happened it could have happened to anyone! None of you were there so you really don’t know the whole entire story just what the media puts up which isn’t always correct! For the people saying terrible things I pray to god something like this doesn’t happen to your family!!!!

    • Fake news!!
      That’s hilarious!!
      His ass went to jail! Where he belongs!
      None of his rich, east county farmer, family money could get him out of this one!!
      Good job BPD!!

    • Every person who drinks and drives — and is caught — should have their face exposed! Too bad that more of them are not caught, but that might be changing.

    • Wait?!?! The asshole was Drunk and hit a kid!! What part of the story would we “have” to be there to understand? Fuck this prick hope he gets raped in Jail. I also hope he is your family member too. Piece of shit

  4. It is fake news!!!!! He was under the legal limit!!! And the boy ran out in front of him there was nothing he can do!!!! & I posted with my name because his name is already out there on the news!!!!!

    • ANDREA! Sotto il limite legale? Stava ancora bevendo e guidando! Translation: HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRINKING AT ALL ……. AND DEFINITELY NOT DRIVING!

    • Doesn’t matter if he was under the legal limit. Legal limit means nothing! He was still drinking and that affected his judgement as alcohol does. All such incidents should be made public and, hopefully, people will think twice before getting into their vehicles and putting others’ lives in danger.

    • He was still drunk and he still RAN OVER A CHILD!! If he hadn’t been drinking maybe he could’ve avoided RUNNING OVER A CHILD. What’s unfair is your family member RAN OVER A CHILD because he was drunk.

  5. I don’t care if he was under the legal limit, he was under the influence and should not have been driving!

  6. Brentwood PD are armed and dangerous liars and FULL of fake news! Get all the facts before you run your mouth.


  7. Brentwood PD are armed and dangerous liars and FULL of fake news! Get all the facts before you run your mouth.


  8. He’s 58???? You’ve got to be kidding! My grandfather is 58 and doesn’t like as old, fat and pouchy as this character. See, what being a boozer can do to your appearance? Stay off the cheap-swill, dude!

  9. Very unfortunate situation, hopefully this child fully recovers. Many people and families effected. Many questions need to be answered and I’m sure they will. Suspected DUI drivers fate will be decided in the courts. My question is why was a special needs child with his aid walking so close to the road where he was in danger of any vehicle? I’m sure all questions will be answered. Main thing is that this child will be well soon. Also, isn’t it illegal to chase down emergency response vehicles to the scene?

  10. Legal limit or not. Any amount of alcohol (or dope) changes your reactions! One should always be ready for a worse case approach but hoping for the best one!

  11. When I drive, I do it in such a manner that I’m ready for anything like an animal running in front of my car or a person stumbling or staggers across! It happens very suddenly! Drivers showing the alcohol levels were under the “legal” limit were still DRINKING! Just because it’s “under” that limit doesn’t mean that it did not affect their reactions. Was he kicking back a few stiff ones earlier in the day? Drinking in the middle of the afternoon on a work day? Then DRIVING? Not good at all!

    That kid’s shoes were off his feet and his backpack and other possessions were also scattered, which means he was hit pretty hard with a vehicle going fast. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! EVER! Not even a drop!

  12. Yes fake news, the boy was not suffering from a medical emergency or having a seizure! The boy got upset and ran through the bushes into the street his caregiver gave that statement! & I never said it was okay for him to drink and drive but you people are making it seem like he was belligerent drunk and just plowed over this boy! It was a terrible accident can you imagine how he must feel already? The last thing someone needs while going through something like this is people on the internet saying terrible things when they don’t even know the real story!

  13. This is what is wrong with this society everone sits back and critizes what has happenned when they dont know exactly how it started and just should mind their own bussines and dont turn on their vidieos to make things worse for the real pewople involved MIOND YOUR OWN BUNNISE AND QUIT POSTING WHAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!

    • Bob Freitas, I do “MIOND my own BUNNISE” when it comes to some drunk getting behind the wheel. Drunk drivers are EVERYBODY’s BUSINESS, Bob! I had a close relative killed by a drunk whose test showed he was “under the legal limit.” By the way, have you been drinking while typing your post, Bob?

  14. There are no “accidents.” Everything is cause-and-affect! Saying, ‘but it was an accident’ is just an excuse for not taking responsibility. Those drinking during the day are to be watched and seriously discouraged from this habit. It can result in deadly occurrences. Whether it’s UNDER the legal limit is not important. The fact that this person was drinking mitigates the situation.

      • Hmm
        You only get DUIs or Felony DUIs if you drink/use drugs and drive (and run over a child).
        So no!
        Dont try to rationalize your families illegal and dangerous behavior.

      • If we hit a pedestrian, we are liable. I’ve driven in situations where someone came out of nowhere and ran past my truck. I drive in such a way that such incidents are anticipated. You just don’t “haul ass” like there is no tomorrow and we all have peripheral vision which usually works.

  15. Andrea – then don’t read comments on the internet. You have no one to blame but yourself. What part of he was driving drunk don’t you understand? You’re in DENIAL. Quit making excuses for him. You need a wake up call, and so does this idiot family member of yours who doesn’t know any better. The real story is he was drinking and driving, and he hit a kid. Are you all alcoholics in denial? Quit blaming the kid. This is 100% fault on the idiot who was drinking and driving. Period. I hope he learned a valuable lesson. Next time he could kill someone. Hopefully there won’t be a next time.

  16. Conducting FST’s on an uneven surface is no bueno…..The Sgt. & F.T.O on scene should have stopped it.

  17. This is comedy!!
    A drunk, hit a kid and the family is defending him!!
    Ok ready..
    A drunk driver
    Hit a kid
    Failed a PAS
    Went to jail!!
    Where he belongs!!
    Kinda drunk.. a little drunk/buzzed, FST’s in the dirt, blahblahblah!!
    He got and hopefully will continue to get, what he deserves!!
    Actions have consequences!!
    Dont drink( even a little) and drive farmer man!!

  18. The law says, “do not drink (or do drugs) and drive” … people still do it, hoping they can slide. But sooner or later, the law catches up with you. Always happens and usually when you least expect it.

    In this case, this driver was not alone. He had a teen-aged passenger with him. That’s a double whammy!

  19. Isn’t this some shit, all you people want to pass judgement on someone for making a bad decision when I’m sure all of you has made a bad choice 1 time or another through out your life time. Someone should have been keeping a closer eye on that kid if in fact he has a disability. The fact is that the kid is going to be ok thank the man up stairs. My heart goes out to both families in this situation. You people really need to grow up & look at your own lives cus I’m sure none of you are straight n arrow ENOUGH SAID….

    • So its the kids fault?
      You are exactly what is wrong in todays society. Farmer man drove drunk and hit a kid.
      All your other bs rationalizing is of no relevance.
      Stop blaming the victim !
      Actions have consequences!

    • I agree! How many of you outstanding citizens have gone out to dinner and had a glass of wine or a drink with your dinner??? If so then according to all of you your drunk and driving under the influence. One drink within an hour can measure impaired. So stop and consider that before you pass judgment in something you don’t have the facts about.

    • I agree! How many of you outstanding citizens have gone out to dinner and had a glass of wine or a drink with your dinner??? If so then according to all of you your drunk and driving under the influence. One drink within an hour can measure impaired. So stop and consider that before you pass judgment in something you don’t have the facts about.

      • When we go out to dinner, Debbie, the one who is driving does not have a glass of wine. Those who are passengers might. Now, knock off with the excuses already!

      • When we go out to dinner and plan on having a few drinks, we take UBER or LYFT … it takes us there and brings us back home.

  20. You’ll need to sell approximately $13,000 worth of corn to cover DUI related costs these days.

  21. ECT when are you going to post that the dui charges were dropped against this man so these people can shut up!!!

  22. The District Attorney has years to file .
    So don’t get ahead of yourself. Just because he’s out of jail, doesn’t mean anything. The drunken farmer will face the consequences of his actions. Both criminally and civilly.
    Seems as though all these people defending his drunk driving and irresponsible behaviors might do more good by addressing his addictions and getting him some help.
    You are known as “enablers”.

  23. Justice I think your ahead of yourself and in denial. I’m telling you just watch he will have consequences (a dui not one of them) and I’m sure we suffering emotionally with what he did. Half of us don’t know this man from Adam so how do you assume he has an addiction and needs help. Many people have ONE drink during the day with lunch or maybe had alcohol in his system from the evening before hence why he blew under the legal limit. You are one of those people that sit on the internet behind a computer screen saying mean things making other people’s lives miserable so I won’t waste my breath on you, when the truth comes out I’ll be back to say I told you so

  24. Drinks and drives
    Hits a kid
    Arrested and booked into jail on felony charges.
    You are right!! Keep doing what you have been doing. It’s working well!!
    Keep enabling him!!

  25. FF
    Im curious..
    How many times do you allow your family member to drive “under the influence” with another family members child in the truck before its a problem to you?
    How many felonies do you allow him to be arrested for before you and your family act?
    Any concern at all for the kid he ran over?
    And please, spend time on helping prevent these things from happening again and not worrying about “i told you so” to a stranger on the Internet.

  26. Hey Justice, you going to bat for your fellow comrade/rapist??? Funny how they won’t blast his picture all over the news!!! By the way justice, stop running at the mouth, PO-PO

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