Survey Results: Antioch Residents Weigh in On Their Priorities

Public safety, homelessness and blight are seen as the biggest problems facing the City.

On Tuesday, the City of Antioch released its survey results of their Quality of Life Survey taken in the fall of 2017.

The survey was performed by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) where they surveyed 400 residents by phone.  Residents shared concerns about crime, homelessness, blight and the economy locally – and seven in ten perceived a need for additional funding to provide services that residents need and deserve.

Here is a copy of the release:

Antioch Residents Weigh in On Their Priorities
Residents provide comprehensive input

Antioch, CA— A Quality of Life community survey conducted in Fall 2017 shows Antioch residents want the City to do a better job protecting, maintaining and enhancing the community’s quality of  life to reach the City’s full potential as a safe, clean, beautiful place to live.

The survey, conducted in October by the city’s public opinion firm FM3 Research, was commissioned  to assess resident perspectives on their quality of life, including community priorities and needs.

Two-thirds supported a potential general-purpose sales tax measure. (Click to enlarge)

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this study,” said City Manager Ron Bernal. “It is very important to our new City leadership team that we invest in every neighborhood  in our City, to ensure that every resident receives quality service.”

Residents strongly prioritize maintaining 911 police response and police officers patrolling City streets; ensuring water quality and safety; attracting and retaining businesses; and maintaining youth violence prevention programs.

Eighty-three percent of respondents also indicated maintaining Antioch’s financial stability was a top priority, with 70% agreeing that the City needs additional funding.

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“I know the community continues to be concerned about crime in general, gangs and youth violence,” said Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks. “We must maintain 911 emergency response and increase investment in code enforcement.”

“This community feedback is extremely helpful. We want to continue to engage the public on these quality of life issues,” said City Manager Bernal. “These perspectives not only inform our City Council goal-setting, service delivery and budget planning, but help us to improve transparency and teamwork by making the community a true partner in our efforts to achieve government accountability, trust, safe neighborhoods and quality of life for all residents.”

For full document, click here.


  1. 58% worried about a vacant downtown?? LOL …..Downtown will NEVER EVER be revitalized with the high crime rate we have here. Work on fixing the crime here and eliminated all the scumbags, that is the top priority, period! That new restaurant they are putting in on the marina, will be luck to make it a year, two at the very most.

  2. It’s nice Antioch can pretend to care about peoples opinions when only 400 people out of 100,000 people. Who did they interview anyway? People downtown because most of the city doesn’t even go downtown.

    I don’t understand this survey, wouldn’t crime in general and gang/youth violence be the same thing? Appears to me they didn’t want any survey that says crime is 90%+ very serious problem.

    If the public was paying attention, they would see their water rates are higher than they should be because the City is not being responsible or reactive to the current situation that there is NO DROUGHT yet they are still charging for one a year later. Perhaps its time to take the city to court over being overcharged.

    People need to remember in November that Ogorchock and Tiscareno are both up for election, vote them out as they have done nothing to improve Antioch,.

    • Let us not forget the water billing department changing the bill date and then posting PAY IMMEDIATELY or a late fee will be added. I didn’t catch on to this scam until I paid $44.00 in late fees. Crooks!

  3. Antioch can take all the surveys they want, its not like the City staff or city council will fix it. Nothing more than lip service.

  4. Interesting. I wasn’t surveyed but I don’t disagree with it much. The comments made here pretty much represent what I hear when I talk to others. A lot of people are concerned nothing gets done or it takes far too long to get something done if you are lucky. Our quality of life in the western and northern areas don’t seem to matter. I think the Mayor tries but the city manager needs a back bone. He needs to make sure things are getting done and he doesn’t.

  5. Crime. JFC. No reason to even try a survey when rest of bay area sees Antioch as untouchable.

  6. How much was spent on this survey? What action plans are being made to address these issues– that will result in improvements? Will these action plans be made public? And who will be held accountable for their implementation? There have been many a town hall and other meetings/gatherings that have discussed these issues in the past, but implementing change for the better has been very slow in coming. Less talk and more action is needed.

  7. How much did they spend on a survey to come up with a 66.7% threshold? That’s less then a guess….
    And when the city does dumb things like letting the Humphreys get sold building instead on MAKING a deal with a restrauant to have consistent income, makes me think that it’s time to get a new city council with common since. Remember the city manager that was fired and given a year severance package when they should have waited a few more months till the end of his contract. Would have saved the city over 100k, but then Mr. Harper and the city “heads” decided it was a great idea to have a state of the city address once elected and try charge the residents to come and listen to public information, from a public servant, about the city we pay taxes for? Don’t worry, I’ll vote, not for you, again….

  8. Whats the point of this “survey” , if no action will be taken. They put out these little news articles to act like they are really concerned, but they arent.

  9. Mr. Bernal is big into PR. It covers his inadequacies. His sun glasses have only one color. Just read his ridiculous city manager reports. That isn’t what a city manager report is supposed to be about. All he wants to do is be everyone’s friend and paint a fake glossy picture of Antioch.

    • You knocked this one out of the park. He is not the right man for the job. He is all about looking pretty like Mayor Wright. Neither of them are doing their job and give way worse lip service than probably any other mayor and city manager in recent memory. Antioch residents are no longer pissed like they used to because they don’t even know what is going on in the city because the city is the least its ever been in terms of transparency. That is just how they want it to. Shame on all of them.

  10. Antioch California is a piece of a shit town. Fuch Antioch California it have no potential of people living there. Antioch California should be for the homeless call the home town instead of Antioch. Who ever runs Antioch California the mayor or whoever. Do your fucking job keep Antioch safe clean & put some activities for the kids so they can hopefully stay out of trouble. Fuck the people who runs Antioch California

    • 1st, learn to spell and write complete sentences..2nd, its not the city of Antiochs problem , to put activities for kids to do, thats the parents job. But, most parents are fat and lazy and would rather shove a video game in front of their kids face along with processed fast food.

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