Antioch Police Arrest Pair After Investigation of Burglary Case


Antioch Police announced that a pair of suspects were arrested Tuesday after a burglary was reported during the morning hours on Valley Way in the City of Antioch.

The burglars stole about $5000 worth of tools. Through investigative leads, Officers identified Chayce Honey, (19), and Daniel Honey, (39), as suspects.

A probation search was conducted at Honey’s residence, where both subjects were located at the residence as well the victim’s stolen property.

Chayce and Daniel Honey were arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property and sent to county jail.

Editors Note:

Back when Antioch Police were releasing police briefs each week, it shows Chayce Honey was arrested on March 6, 2017:

  • 3/6/17 at 3:45 am, a resident on Steed Wy. found a male wearing a mask burglarizing her father’s car in front of their home. She confronted the masked burglar who brandished a knife as he rummaged through the vehicle. He then ran into Mink Ct. and disappeared. An area check was conducted, but he was not located. At 7:13 am, residents on Mink Ct. called police to report a masked male looking into backyards, stating he had, “dropped a knife.” Officers located 18 year old Chayce Honey in one of the backyards. He was positively identified by witnesses and evidence located at the scene. He was placed under arrest and sent to County Jail.


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  2. Dont ever confront people wearing a mask like the girl in this article did, that was not wise. Unless you have your 45 pointed at his fucking head, otherwise call the cops.

  3. Dont ever confront people wearing a mask like the girl in this article did, that was not wise. Unless you have your 45 pointed at his fucking head, otherwise call the cops.

  4. Father and son criminals – nice. And, yes, call the police. Confronting someone could get you killed.

  5. Son gets arrested for burglarizing his father’s car then later the father and son get arrested together for residential burglary. Keep it in the family.

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