Supervisor Federal Glover Battles Fake Twitter Account


Federal Glover Fake Twitter

Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover alerted the public today that someone has created and been using an unauthorized Twitter account in his name. The account has been reported to Twitter and he is encouraging folks to disassociate with it.

It should be noted, the account has not been used since Oct. 2010.

Some of the Tweets include:

Federal Glover Fake Twitter2

The Supervisor issued the following statement today:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT re UNAUTHORIZED TWITTER ACCOUNT: It was brought to my attention today, April 2, that for the past several years, beginning in 2009, someone has been posting from a Twitter account using my name. The account is @federalglover. We have reported the account to Twitter and will be sending out a take down notice.

If you have been following that account with the assumption that it’s me posting, please feel free to dissociate yourself from it. I will be launching an official Twitter account shortly and will let you know when it is operational ~ Federal.

Until the Twitter account gets straightened out, you can follow Supervisor Federal Glover on Facebook.


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