Supervisor Burgis to Host Illegal Dumping Forum on April 5

Illegal dumping on private property along Kirker Pass. Photo provided by Stacey Frost

The Office of Supervisor Diane Burgis, Contra Costa County, District 3 has organized a public forum on illegal dumping with key stakeholders with the goal of raising public awareness and developing new solutions to combat the issues.

The forum will occur on April 5 at the Antioch Community Center (4703 Lone Tree Way) in the City of Antioch from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

The speaker list includes:

  • Joe Yee, Deputy Director of Public Works
  • Mike Carlson, Deputy Director of Flood Control
  • Marilyn Underwood, Director of Environmental Health
  • Dept. of Conservation & Development, David Brockbank, Senior Planner
  • Republic Services, Susan Hurl, Division Municipal Services Manager
  • Wildlife Impacts: Fish & Wildlife
  • Joe Losado, Code Enforcement Manager
  • Sheriff’s Office, Patrol Captain Brian Vanderlind
  • Stacey Grassini, Deputy District Attorney, Environmental Protection Unit

Back in November, Sean Tongson reported that illegal dumping costs the county more than $1 million per year while the county. Meanwhile, the county is allotted $14 million annually to maintain the 363 miles of roads and grounds in Contra Costa County.

According to the Press Release, at the forum, Supervisor Burgis aims to address the quality of life issues illegal dumping presents to the Contra Costa Community, its residents and the detrimental effects on the environment by bringing together thought leaders in various aspects from public health to enforcement.


  1. Hopefully all these government leaders can get the trash cleaned up all over our roads. You’ve got nine highly paid public servants on a weekday inviting the public to brainstorm trash dumping. Just clean the stuff up. It will never go away.

  2. Follow the homeless and you will find the trash! Until you get rid them, the trash will go from the store dumpsters to our streets every day and night! You can not stop illegal dumping, they do it mostly at night when you can’t see them. But you can do something about the homeless in Antioch.

  3. Prior to this event, how can I get my thoughts acknowledged? I cannot be there but don’t want anyone to think I don’t care by my absence. I DO and want to be counted.

  4. Why is it that other states and their cities do not have this dumping problem. In WA state, you take your discards to the city dumping/recycling facility and leave it there. No money is charged. The streets are clean.

  5. I think maybe the Brentwood Transfer Dump should partner with the county and allow local residents to go there. Either way like George stated get people to work. The new Supervisor needs to actually do something, not just talk about it. It’s been a year and I have not seen anything tangible from her for east county. Start here and do something other than lip service.

    • Our leaders should look at how other states and cities handle the problem. Maybe they can learn something.

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